An Emmy For Megan

According to the news, the Emmy nominations happened today. I don’t normally pay much attention to them but an article on VICE caught my eye; it’s about a lady named Megan Amram who created a web series about herself creating a web series about herself in a blatant attempt to win an Emmy who was just nominated for an Emmy for her web series.

I’ve just spent the past 27 minutes or so watching this and laughing my ass off! It’s brilliant!

For some reason, the videos don’t auto-play in order; IMO it only adds to the comedic effect but to be helpful I’ll list the Vimeo page they’re all on and then list them in order. is the channel or account or whatever Vimeo calls it. All the links are there, but they aren’t in order.

Episode 1 - The Rules
Episode 2 - Weight
Episode 3 - Diversity
Episode 4 - Time (no title given so I called it)
Episode 5 - Music
Episode 6 - An Emmy For D’Arcy

I have no idea what the competition is like, but the implication from E1 is that it’s a laughable category to begin with, so I don’t see how she doesn’t get herself an Emmy for her efforts! It might be the most meta- thing ever!

I’ve been a fan of Megan Amram for a while, so I’ve seen this whole thing on twitter for the last few months. Lots of other comedians sending screenshots of them voting for her.

It is hilarious that she got the nomination, and I hope she wins the whole thing.