An insufferable wedding announcent.

I’m not convinced that this is even real.

It’s hard to find just a few paragraphs that do this justice, you have to read the article, but here are some examples.

Friends with breadifits. Oh dear God.

FWIW, that’s the most insufferable place a person can possibly grow up in Indiana, and it goes to show something that she says “Carmel,” and not “Indianapolis.” Carmel is basically a suburb of Indianapolis where all the insufferable people go to live. Saying you live in Carmel is basically announcing to the world that you are both insufferable and rich. If you are insufferable and a hippie, you live in Broad Ripple.

From the link.


Every word of this is 100% true.

Utter twats.

It’s sounds like they’re perfect for each other. The rest of the universe may have a problem.

Thanks for the heads-up, Mr. Peters - I would never have guessed.


Well, no, you wouldn’t, because you are a uneducated bottom dweller not working on a graduate degree in theology from Boston College who sings opera to himself. You can’t be expected to know there are meanings to “lush” that aren’t “connoisseur of Boone’s Farm.”

Peters sounds like someone I really would want to punch in the face for being so twee and douchey at the exact same time.

I keep hearing it in Ellen DeGeneres’ voice, as part of her stand-up act. It’s perfect for that.


Makes me think of this meme.

It may be that Maria and Georg had other children, but the “Trapp Family Singers” were not biologically related to Maria. Of course, the children were quite musically inclined before Maria showed up in their lives. Still a little misleading.

Assholery may indeed be a genetic trait, though penetrance is believed to be environmentally-influenced.

There’s a link to the NY times article at the bottom of the OP’s link. It should be read in all its original glory.

Having recently discovered that the NY Times maintains a ‘society’ section (and that it’s filled with stuff like this), I developed a new appreciation for the fact that not only is there still a class of wealthy elites in this country, but that they are just as self-absorbed and clueless about their privilege as they are portrayed in their caricatures.

This is what generations of inbreeding leads to!

I think what really boggles my mind is that these people think there is nothing odd about that announcement. That they think they are acting normal, that everyone is like them, or wants to be like them.

Excuse me, but I’m going to play a CD in my car now.

“My Favorite Things” or “Edelweiss”?

“The couple created a 16-page illustrated pamphlet to guide the 172 guests through the carefully curated nuptial Mass”

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

“But seriously, can you think of a worse situation to be in than sitting at this gruesome twosome’s dinner table singing in fucking harmony?”

Heh. I was trapped in such a situation one time – it was pretty bad.

As Samuel Butler said of the Carlyles, “It was good of God to let them marry one another, and so make only two people miserable, instead of four.”