An odd tattoo I saw today

I see a lot of tattoos in my line of work. I tend to ignore them for the most part, the bad, the bloody, the gross, the ridiculous, the sublime, etc. They rarely catch my eye anymore.

Except for today.

Saw a guy with a tattoo of an ATM on his arm.

I asked if it had any special meaning, he said “no.”


Probably helps attract women.

Yup. That’s a winner all right.

I was trying to think of something funny to add; I can’t.

My favorite all-time tattoo was on a guy I saw in WalMart - he had a barcode on his neck.

I couldn’t think of anything either. :frowning:

I would think an ATM had a special meaning for many of your, uh…patients. After all, isn’t that where the money is?

Saw that guy at Seacrets in Ocean City, Maryland.

However, the best I’ve seen, also at Seacrets, was on a woman’s back and shoulders of presumably her in the (ahem) doggy position.

I’m waiting, too. I’m on PINs and needles.

At least that might have some meaning. It might be his way of saying that he feels like a victim of consumerism or society or whatever. Or maybe the barcode itself means something.

I’m trying to think of anything more ridiculous than an ATM. CoinStar machine? Pudding? Stapler?

Maybe he watched Swingers one too many times (they kept referring to each other as Money).

So no one is going to dispense with any ATM jokes?

Garlic press.
Box grater.

Wait, I get it.

It’s not an ATM. It’s a Transformer!

That is some stealth cool right there.

That’s what I was going to mention - there are people in the world who get big ol’ tattoos of the tools of their trade, and cooks seem to be the most guilty of this, getting tattoos of things like frying pans and knives.

Tattoo of an ATM, eh? Well, why not? It makes as much sense as anything else, I guess.

He probably has a few daughters.

I spoke with someone at a New Years Eve party who swears he knows someone with a readable QR code tattoo. I’m wondering about the veracity, but am looking into it.

I’m afraid the old Willie Sutton quote loses some of its charm in this modernized context.

I do also have a patient with the word Clybourn tattooed on him. It’s a street in his home town.

I always misread it as “Glyburide”, a diabetes medication.

So, did you try to buy him?

Yeah, that’s how I’ve always interpreted it. While I wouldn’t call it common, it’s not exactly a novel tattoo, either. Just google “barcode tattoo” to see many, many versions of it.

Maybe he’s a Texas A&M fan and the tattoo artist misunderstood.