Anal Movie Titles

Just like in the anal sports teams thread, let’s play Anal Movie Titles!

The Anal Terminator

The Sound of Anal Music :eek:

Dirty Anal Dancing

The Anal Matrix: Reloaded

Carry on.

Anal Volcano

Anal Armageddon

Die Another Anal Day

Anal Dogma

The Anal Producers

Anal Star Wars
The Anal Empire Strikes Back
Return of the Anal Jedi

Hannah and Her Anal Sisters
Anal Dances With Wolves (Ouch)
Field of Anal Dreams “If You Build It …”

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Anal Doom

Outrageous Anal Fortune

Holes, by Disney.

Anal Orgazmo!

Beat that!

Oh, another great one:

Anal Spaceballs!

Anal Maniacs 3

Oh wait, that’s the actual title… never mind.

Anal Underworld
An Anal Christmas Story

Anal Inspector Gadget!

Anal Rocketeer!

I’ve now dedicated my entire thought process to coming up with more of these! I’m at work anyway, so its not a total waste!

I think action/thriller/horror movies work best.

The Anal Predator?

Anal Alien?

How about the Anal Nightmare on Elm St.?

Jean-Claude Van Damme has a whole Anal subgenre to himself.

The Anal Legionnaire, Maximum Anal Risk, The Anal Quest, Sudden Anal Death, Hard Anal Target, Anal Kickboxer, Anal Bloodsport…

And then there’s the 1-2 punch of Anal Doubleteam and Anal Double Impact.

Lord of the Anal Rings

Anal Underworld
An Anal Christmas Story

Anal Resurrection
Days of Wine and Anal
On the Anal-front
Gone With the Anal Wind
Anal Happened One Night
The Wizard of Anal
Titanic Anal
Anal-ize This
Anal-ize That
Anal Runner
Anal Annie Hall
Take the Anal and Run
Anal Force One
Blazing Anal Saddles
Mystery Anal Theater 3000 - The Movie
Anal Weapon
Anal Weapon 2
Anal Weapon 3
Anal Weapon 4
Anal Men In Black
The Analing
Dirty Harry Anal :smiley:
Magnum Anal Force
The Anal Enforcer
Sudden Anal Impact

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Anal Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask

“Frankly, Scarlett, I don’t … eewwwwwww!!!”

A Midsummer Night’s Anal Sex Comedy

Rear Window

The greatest anal story ever told.
The last anal temptation of Christ.
The anal virgin soldiers.
The cook, the thief, his wife, and her anal lover.
Anal driving Miss Daisey.
Anal hair.