And it just keeps on coming...

The end of May I was hopitalized with a subdural arachnoid hematoma. A brain bleed. Thankfully that was a freak occurance, and I’m all better now. From that.

But they found that I had diabetes. So, ok, I’ve changed my diet and they have me on medication, no insulin injections, no big deal, right?

And they found that I have high blood pressure. And high cholesterol. So I’m dieting and trying to exercise and taking medication. Fine.

AND they find that I have Hepatitis C. Great. I’m scheduled for a liver biopsy to assess the damage next week. Then we’ll see about treatment. (Treatment is horrible from what I hear.)

And all along I’ve had symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Which definitely sucks, but I deal with it.

So today, I go for a gynocological exam. I ask about this little sore spot. I’ve got herpes!

Jeez Louise! How much more crap do I have to be diagnosed with in a 2 month stretch??? I’m being paid back for my wild ways. That must be it. But that was like twenty years ago!

This sucks ass. I’m trying to stay positive, but this is kinda depressing. It could be worse I guess.

Oh my, Delores! That is a lot to be hit with at once! But try to look at the positive side: at least you know and can be treated!

Take care of yourself. You’re that important!

I’d wait a couple months before going to the dentist or getting my hair done if I were you.


The lesson is: never go to the doctor.

Ha ha. I’m so sorry for what you’re dealing with right now – that’s a lot to take on individually, let alone all at once. My thoughts are with you.