And the ACC Champs are...

…the Seminoles of Florida State!!!

Beat Duke and UNC twice each this year. Back-to-back in the tournament.

'Noles everywhere, stand up!

Bring on the Dance!

Congratz from a fellow ACCer. My Ramblin Wreck used to be good, but has fallen badly. I paid less attention to CBB than ever before. I root for all ACC teams in the Month of March. go Noles, go Heels, Go Duke.

And I am Very happy that Mr One and Done lost today to Vandy. And 'Cuse lost earlier this week.

any team but UK and 'Cuse!!
I have mixed emotions about Syracuse joining the conference.

I wanted to be the first to post this news, but I found I couldn’t type and do the tomahawk chop at the same time!




“fixed spelling in the War Chant” ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Now that is funny!


Hey, FSU isn’t just about sports! The school also has many fine academical programs and takes pride in edumacating students to the most ut.

Thanks, man! Gotta say, kudos to Duke and UNC. They are both classy programs and getting this first title by going through them makes it even more special. No breaks, we had to beat the best.

Interesting reffing in the UNC game. Coach Williams usually gets all the calls (IMHO), but they were letting a lot go there in the last 3-4 minutes. Good for us!

Bo, the fireworks starting going off in my neighborhood just after the buzzer!

Second edit, congrats to Vanderbilt as well! Looks like a year for the underdogs!

Sorry for the double post, but holy cow! Winning the ACC appears to have taken from a consensus 4/5 seed up to the three spot! Not thrilled about being in 'Cuse’s bracket, but they’ve shown they’re beatable, so bring 'em on!

You’re not getting past the Buckeyes.

Just so we can all have someplace to see the bracket: 2012 NCAA March Madness Men’s Basketball bracket.

The 'Noles can get past Ohio State. Heck, after watching their last 3 games, I’m confident they can get by the Orangemen.

Don’t see why not. We match up well physically. FSU plays a stifling defense and when our shooters also get hot…

2012 NCAA March Madness (Men’s) thread started. :smiley: See y’all there.