And the Oscar Goes To....MMP

Good morning, all. Watchin the academn Awards last noc got me to thinking. We have quite a bit of home grown talent right here on our Dope. So, this MMP is all about the Best of ________. Please add your nominations (and awards, there’s no voting here!)
Best Southern Biscuits from a Gay Male…swampbear
Best Looking Wedding Gown So Far This Year…taxicab78

Best Bollywood Impersonator and All Round Good Doper…Aanamika

Best Clay Thrower…FairyChatMom

You all get the idea. I am still so, so sick and need to go look up urgent cares around here, because I doubt that I’ll get into the doctor today. Carry on.*

*sorry it’s so short etc, but back to bed with me, Perhaps MY award should be:
Best Damn Cold to Hang On Forever…eleanorigby

Good morning, all.
I don’t have any award nominations. For some reason or other, I have lost most of my cognizant functions this morning. Good thing I’m at work, where I really don’t need to be too smart.

I didn’t watch the awards last might, but heard all about it. Seems Matt Dillion is an old friend of one of the guys who works here, Big Fat Paulie. Same neighborhood, made their bones together, etc.

Best Use of Buttless Chaps in a Thread: Taters

I was late to work today because I stayed up all night playing in a poker tournament online. I tried to explain to the wife that I should be allowed to stay home and sleep, since I won 7 dollars last night, but she would have none of it.

So I’ll just have to go to a meeting instead, plenty of sleep there.

Best Saturday Afternoon Lunch Date … anyrose. :slight_smile:

So, I went and met our very own rosie for lunch on Saturday, and we had a marvelous time. Or, at least, I did. I ended up having to leave too soon because I’d been drafted into helping set up a surprise party for Saturday night (which ended up not happening), but I learned a lot about the seamy, behind-the-scenes, no-holds-barred world of MENSA conventions, and wish I could have stayed around longer. We took one picture, which my camera has for some reason chosen not to give to me. I’m still working on the problem, so I’ll keep you posted. :mad: Stoopit camera. I found the cord to plug it into the computer and everything!

I stayed up waaaaaay too late last night to watch the Oscars. I’m very tired now.

Best MMP Doper return…welby Where’s Ex???
Best Name Change of the year…[del]bonkeydear[/del], er, chaotic bear
Most Changed MMPer…bobbio! Whoohoo keep those pounds comin’ off, bob!
I’ll think of more later.

riggs, you have the flu. A regular cold doesn’t keep you down this long.

I made fer real French Onion Soup for dinner on Friday night. Got some really good swiss cheese from the deli and some really good sourdough bread from the bakery and, of course, the soup. Okay it was Campbells but it worked. OMG…I made a big fat pig out of myself on that soup it was so good.

I did not watch the Academy awards. I only like to see the dresses and I can do that online today so no sleep was lost at the Anachi Rancero last night.

My pouting cow-orker is out again today.

Tupug The Alert

Best New Job … Winston Smith
Best Recovery … FairyChatDad (C’mon, he’s gotta be an honorary Cool Kid by now)
I’d think of more but I have to get going to class. I have just enough time to tell you all that my weekend was long, short, and paperfilled. Most of it has yet to be written, fortunately it’s not due until Thursday. I have a test today and another test Friday. I have research work to do and a couple of hw assignments. Ugh. If I make it to Friday evening, when my break starts, it’ll be a miracle.
Good morning everyone, I’ll be back later.

Is it Friday yet?

I’m with Smitty on that one … gonna be a looooong week. I can feel it already.

I WON! I WON! :: bursts into tears :: I’d like to thank the academy. And my parents. And my wonderful fiance. And… and… and… well, everyone who helped me to get here. I love you all!

OK, I couldn’t make up a speech to go on as long as most of the Academy Award winners so you’ll just have to fill in the rest of it.

I think I have to contest this one:

I’ve had Saturday afternoon lunch with both **Mika **and **Spats **and they’re pretty terrific lunch dates too. We’ll have to take a vote. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to nominate
Best New Bell Tower… Draelin!

And I’d like to mention the first recipe of the week. I roasted/oven fried some yams over the weekend. YUM! I just peeled and cut the yam into french fry sized pieces, tossed them with olive oil, sprinkled them with salt, pepper, rosemary, and garlic, and roasted them for 45 min on 375. Wow! They were good! And I’m usually not a yam fan.

Let’s hope so. I expect to hear today or tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Fingers crossed. I went on a Pub Crawl in town Saturday night with a(nother) friend who happens to be a Harvard employee. If I get the job, he has volunteered to give me daily ride to and from the train station. That means not only will I not have to buy a second car, I also won’t have to impose on SmithWife - getting out of the house with two little ones is a hassell - doing it minimum twice a day to cart my ass to and from the train station will be… the opposite of fun.

ALSO I have a new favorite cocktail. The Dark and Stormy. Two oz Gosling’s Rum, 4 oz Ginger Beer, over ice - preferably in a mason jar, with a wedge of lemon. Best. Drink. EVAH. !

We now return you to your regularly scheduled MMP.

And you know I tripped over my dress and fell face first when running up to the stage to get my award. Or maybe I’d just almost do it–there were two near-misses at the Oscars last night–a winner stepped on the back of Sandra Bullock’s dress as she walked away from the mic. She’s the kind of person that could handle being suddenly disrobed on international television, though. And then Jennifer Garner almost fell on her ass. Recovered nicely, however. I like it when the beautiful people are suddenly human. Because then I get to make fun of them. :smiley:

Most gender-ambiguous screen name: Rue DeDay
Shortest posts with the least to add to the topic: chaoticbear

I just woke up two hours early to do an assignment that I’ve put off for the last week for my theatre class, but it only took me an hour and 15. I figure I’ll go get a smoothie and continue listening to the Rent soundtrack. Bah.

I actually watched most of The Oscars last night - Jon Stewart was great, I thought (may have been a little too edgy at points for the stodgy Hollywood establishment, who knows?). I really liked the opening part where they asked everybody in Hollywood to host and no one would do it, so they end up with Jon. And he’s in bed with Halle Berry. And George Clooney. And then they do the gay cowboy montage (the first of many - “Later, we’ll do The Academy Honours Montages!” or something like that).

Um, what was my point again? Oh yeah -
Doper most likely to ramble on and on in posts- featherlou!

Good morning!
MMPer with the Best Soap- Bumbazine!
Goddess of all things clay- FairyChatMom!

Today I have to go to work and not eat out, because I’m refraining. Even though I want chicken fingers and fries. Nope. I will be strong. I just borrowed Fingersmith, by Sarah Waters. It’s going to be my after-work entertainment. I’ll keep everyone posted about how it is.

Good morning all!

Lessee, featherlou stole my “best” because I really thought I was the one one rambled on and on.

I’ll have to do some thinkin’ on the other nominations. I’m just not very creative.

I hope you hear some good news today, Smitty.

rigs, I’m sorry to hear that you’re still sick.

Wow, what an interesting conversation that must of been between anyrose and Drae. It would be very interesting to hear what goes on at MENSA conventions. Is there a lot of bickering? Is there a lot of snootiness? Is there a lot of absentmindedness? Is there a lot of a lack of common sense? Or, conversely, are they all just a bunch of nice folks who are incredibly smart?

I did not watch the Oscars last night. I have no desire to watch those type of shows. They are incredibly boring, strained, and phony.

I did, however, see the Oscar winner Crash. I thought it was a pretty good movie. It is decidedly grim, but makes you think about a few things.

Well, I must do some work now.

So let me get this straight: you went to a MENSA luncheon, took pictures, but can’t get the picture out of the camera? You know where I’m going with this one, right?

Hey … I didn’t say I was a MENSA member, now did I? :stuck_out_tongue:

Aww, shucks! Thanks!

Best use of <snerk>…Swampy.

Best used in stew…Taters.

I’ll be back as I think of more!

I’m home for spring break this week. But sick. Today I only have a sore throat, but yesterday, I had a headache, a really really really bad sore throat (I didn’t want to eat because it hurt to swallow), all-over aching, and no energy. But my mother’s favorite store, Kohl’s (she’s a Most Valued Customer- she loves that place), was having a huge sale! So we had to go! My mother actually made me get out of my sickbed, get dressed, and go shopping with her. Where are her priorities?
It’s okay, though- the first morning I was home, I went downstairs for breakfast and was informed that I could have cereal, doughnuts, plain strawberries, or chocolate covered strawberries. I do love my mother, crazy as she may be! :smiley:

Drae - ack! no! the first rule of Mensa is you don’t talk abou…oh, wait, that’s Fight Club. [EmilyLitella]Never mind.[/EL] Shame about the camera - it was a pretty good pic! I had a great time, too. Drae is supercool.
I wasn’t going to watch the Oscars. I came home from my convention, at 7:30pm, to a COLD house. So I called the oil company and they said he could be here between 9pm and midnight. So I watched some of the Oscars and some of Iron Chef America and some Nick At Night. The guy showed up around 10:30pm and I showed him how to shut the garage door and went back upstairs to bundle up and wait. I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew it was after midnight, the heat was coming up, and the guy was long gone. I thought he’d come to the door for me to sign something but he didn’t. So I crawled into bed and the cat and I fell asleep til about 10 this morning. So glad I took today off.

Shame on you taxi. Never try to take someone’s Oscar away. Those lunches of yours were not up for nomination this year. :smiley:

taters, Truth? Mensans are a lot like Dopers. A lot. (at least the crowd I hang with) Probably why I feel so comfortable here.

anyway -
Best Condo Board Stories - Draelin
Best Baked Goods - Lissla Lissar