Andrew "Rick Grimes" Lincoln to leave The Walking Dead

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Personally, I think this could be the right time to conclude the show. Yeah, they want Daryl to step into the lead role, but, if the rumors are true, the show would say goodbye to Rick, Maggie, and Carl all within a season of each other. Not sure that the fans could be counted on to not riot because of it.

Given that the quality of the show has diminished in recent years, I think I’d prefer to tie up loose ends and have a scripted ending. Otherwise you take a chance of (eventual) cancellation with no real resolution.

It should have ended already and I hope they convince him to stay until the final episode of the season. And make that a series finale.

Nine years is a long time in an actor’s career - I’m a little surprised the stars have lasted this long, especially given the show’s format could easily allow for a turnover in cast members.

Is there any way to conclude this show though? I think finding a cure for the zombie infestation would be kind of ridiculous at this point.

Nooooooo!!! Say it ain’t so. Please.

Yeah, I think it’s time to stick a knife into the show’s head. It had a good run, but it’s played out and its rotting guts are showing.

Sure. Kill off the recurring main characters and roll the credits. They don’t even have to die by zombie. I think it would be a suitable way to end the show to have them die from an outbreak of something that, in the normal world, would be curable…cholera, flu, typhus, there are lots of possibilities…

WE were fans… never missed an episode. We stopped watching around Niegan time. Started watching Fear and that has it ups and downs but with the added new cast members may have revived the show a bit.

Interesting! I think it might be a good idea to end it. the show started out great, but has declined in quality quite a bit. Either end it completely, or start off fresh with an entirely new cast and story.

Rick Grimes was/is the show. I don’t see how it can move on without him. It’s doomed. They need to end it before it’s embarassing. What are these actors gonna move on to? I am afraid they’ll never get out of the shadow of the characters they played on TWD. Too bad, really

Obligatory Rick /Carl memes. The show had a good run, but I bowed out after the second season of Neegan nonsense. The action and suspense had also lost any sense of tension, becoming A-team style ridiculous gunfights.

RIP Grimey.

Why? It amazes me that as close as they are to Washington D.C., nobody has popped on over there just to see what is going on.

I agree with some of the others that the show was lagging even with Rick Grimes. The show has long since jumped the shark. I think a nice final season where things actually happen would be good for the series in the long run.

Really, I think the way to end it is to kill the recurring characters and then roll the credits over a montage that shows humanity never comes back from the zombie apocalypse. First shots of walkers walking through the ruins…gradually thinning out…the ruins being overwhelmed by time and vegetation…and then just a world empty of people.

Sure. It could just conclude that post-Savior War, the communities of Alexandria, Hilltop, The Kingdom, Oceanside and The Sanctuary are now more or less united in peace as a sort of United States of Zombieland. Sure, there are still walkers. But at this point they are just an annoying natural hazard that everyone knows how to deal with. Like the weather, or bears.

IIRC they never even bothered asking Deanna (at least onscreen), who was a Congresswoman, if she had any idea what happened to the federal government. The showrunners are really reluctant to try an address the wider world. Granted the federal government at this point is just a bunch of VIP walkers aimlessly milling around Mt Weather.

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She is dead now.

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Deanna told her story, she obviously knew nothing more than that.

I hope Melania got the drop on Donald before he ate her brain.

Would you trust a Congress Critter during the Zombie Apocalypse?