Android or urban witch doctor?

Help me out friends, I can’t decide and time is short.

android: I have some nifty worm gears which are two of the tuning pegs from an old standup bass. I can attach them to the back of my waist as windup keys. I know, technically that would make me an automaton, but oh well.
I would look completely different than my regular self, wearing a color I never wear otherwise, and probably having my long hair up, which I never ever do. That kind of personal iconoclasm is just what my personality needs just now, because I’m in a rut. However, the various costume parts I have assembled are neither glamorous nor especially flattering. It’s kind of hard for me to go out that way on purpose.

urban witch doctor: the danger here is that I may not look substantially different from my daily self. (heh) But I would get to wear colors that look good on me and that match the fuchsia streaks in my hair. I would also finally have an appropriate occasion on which to wear that necklace made of rattlesnake vertebrae I received years ago as a gift. It is pretty cool.
Also I would get to shake a stick at people, and jabber at them.

Urban Witch Doctor. Definitely.

My advice is to avoid a costume that causes people to ask “What are you dressed up as?”

I think that either way, it’s not going to be obvious what exactly I am. And I’ll be hanging out with people who have a strong Zombie tradition of long standing. (i.e., not a nurse - a zombie nurse. Not Cinderella - zombie Cinderella.) So anything non-zombie confuses them anyway.

Oo, oo, zombie-android-urban-witch-doctor!

Unless she wants a conversation starter.