Andros, your PC thread-policing is entirely unnecessary

In the Marriage: time for a new paradigm thread?, andros, you are a PC-sniffing dickhead who never deigns to give his own opinion and enter the debate. (I will grant that your first post contains some vague opinionettes, but thereafter, no.)

I don’t know how this behavior relates to the official rules of the board, but it is definitely counterproductive and value-subtracting, IMO. In GD there should be no one “above the fray” in the thread, merely judging others’ posts without subjecting their own opinions to similar judgement.

That’s bad enough, but you are also a snide asshole in the thread, too:

Did acsenray really need your help here?

To me this looks like a violation of the “Pull up a lawnchair”-related rule. In any case, it’s a dickish, supercilious thing to say.

Then there was this exchange:

I really don’t appreciate your I-am-sensei attitude and your snide, know-it-all tone. Fuck off, man.

It was in response to my horrible coding in the post before it. Sorry for not making that clear.

As for the rest . . . you’re cute, can I keep you?

Aeschines, just hire a prostitute already.

andros, FWIW, I got what you meant with your coffee comment.
[sub]seemed pretty frakin’ obvious[/sub]

I thought this thread was going to be about computers.

Carry on.

Weakest. Pitting. Ever.

Oh cool, I can tell you to go fuck yourself too!

Go fuck yourself!

Liberal’s an expert on weak pittings, since he’s been subjected to so many of them.

As for the OP, maybe Uri Geller can soften the steel railroad spike that’s lodged firmly up his ass.

andros is PC? For a second there, my world tilted on its axis! But then I saw who the OP was, and I realized that this was yet another example of Aeschines making absurd, sweeping generalizations, and then throwing a hissy fit when he gets called on it. There is, it appears, still nothing new under the sun.


That’s all. Well, no – andros? Overly PC? Wtf.

So, would you call this pitting a backfire?


Oh, it’s Ekers. Dude, if I had to nominate anyone for the title of SDMB dregs, you would have the honor.

In fact, I’ll just go ahead and nominate you. And thanks for the interest in my asshole, but I don’t swing that way.

No, inasmuch as you’re still a reactionary shit-for-brains churl, there isn’t.

Maybe andros really isn’t PC, however. I might have gotten him pegged wrong. Perhaps he’s just a fuckwit who likes to chime in without actually debating.

Thus far, you bitches is getting the worst of it.

Cool. An actual homophobic fucktard.

Hah hah, you’re such a moronic piece of shit. Yeah, a little jokey-jokey that somehow involves gays (negatively or not) is “homophobic.” You take the logic cake.

I see that I have the whole far right wingnut contingent in here. Bring it on. In a battle of wits I could beat you all with my antebellum tied behind my back!

Are we reading the same thread?

Everything about you is asshole, pal. I can’t talk to you, talk about you, look in your direction or live on the same planet with you and not encounter asshole to some degree. Your assholery flows over the contours of the terrain and seeps into the water table. It’s visible from space. There are native tribes that lack writing and numbers yet still have complete mythologies built around the asshole that is Aeschines.

I’d consider being proud, if I were you.
[sub]wait, no, I wouldn’t[/sub]

Dunno who, exactly, “you bitches” might be, but it doesn’t include me since I’ have, up to this moment, expressed no opinion. But I will now.

I laugh in your face. If andros is a “PC thread cop,” I’m the bastard offspring of a Shasta daisy and Saint Thomas à Beckett.

You need to review your scorecard before submitting it to the officials. Else you risk a DQ. Lotsa folks in here not of that group.

How dare you insult me thus!–But wait, let us be reconciled. I have this lovely and rare cask of Amontillado sherry that I know you would enjoy. Come this way!