Angel - 04/21/04

Hell, yeah!

That whole Sahjahn prophecy thing which was never finished from Season 3 was bothering me. I was going to ask about it in ther previous threads, but I figured I’d give Angel until its end to do the whining. But no more!

And the Connor part turned out much better than I thought it would. His end line was touching–they tend to do sappy very well in the Buffyverse. Very nice episode tonight.

I wasn’t paying enough attention. Wasn’t Sahnjahn non-corporeal in the earlier appearances? Wha’ happened?

Yeah, wha? Did I miss something while pouring out my spaghetti?

The thing that I thought bugged me about Conner last year was his hair. But it still bugs me even though it’s out of his eyes. Maybe it was the bowl #3 cut…

And while I have noticed that David Boreanaz has gained a lot of weight in the past couple of years (comparing him to Buffy S1 is soooo depressing), even my husband remarked on how bad he looked last night. Funny, he doesn’t have a gut, but he face is definitely worse for the wear. I wonder if they filmed the show after they got the “bad news.”

And that concludes PunditLisa’s shallow report!

All in all, a pretty good episode. I was a bit dismayed that they worked more diligently on Ilyria and the Conner thing while leaving Gunn in a torturous hell. Priorities, priorities!

Finally, I miss Lilah! I can’t believe they’re going to end the show without her return.

Only 4 more episodes! Bastids.

Yes. When Sahjahn was first introduced in Season 3, he was all Casper-like. Once Angel lost Connor to that demon dimension, he did a big, black magic-mojo spell to rip open a hole to the dimension so he could get Connor back. Didn’t work. Instead, it somehow made Sahjahn all corporeal.

Angel and Sahjahn met up, fought, Angel was losing and then Justine–Holtz’s girly-girl acolyte–barged in with the confining urn and trapped Sahjahn. Which is where he stayed until this episode.

If I remember rightly, Sahjahn was time traveling during that time, and was non corporeal as a result.

It was a great episode, it’s nice to see Vincent Kartheiser get to stretch his acting muscles a bit. My question: does everyone get their memories back, or just the people nearby? Will Gunn and Lorne?

Obviously, I didn’t remember rightly. :smiley:

Heh. I like my guys a little on the chunky side, so I thought he looked amazing tonight (yeah, I like him now even more than in s1 Buffy). The only time I haven’t liked his look is when he had that stupid hair at the beginning of this season.

I liked the ep a lot, even though I’m not clear on all the Conner stuff. Strangely, I’m really liking Ilyara a lot; and that Spike is her new pet is no small part of that.

From what I understood, it was just the people nearby. Who knows how far they’ll stretch the meaning of “nearby,” though.

“Let’s get this straight, I’m not a little girl. And we wont be making love on that couch anytime soon.”

That was a great line. Connor wasn’t even annoying in this episode but I’m glad he’s not sticking around. The actor is actually pretty good when he isn’t doing teen angsty stuff.

I wish to keep Spike as my pet.

I liked the episode a lot.

I think the memory restoration is based on the blast radius. I doubt that anybody but Wes, and maybe Connor, got the true memories back.

I like that Illyria is clearly a bad influence on Wes. Not just that having what amount’s to Fred’s corpse around him constantly is not good for his mental health, but that she is actively poking at weak spots in his psyche. I’m not sure if she is doing this for a purpose or if it is the only way she knows how to interact with him, but it makes their scenes together great.

Gunn’s rescue seems to have been left to Wes and his division, which Angel is pretty much forced to do. I can imagine that Wes may well want to stretch out Gunn’s punishment just a bit.

What I really want to know is if they’ve gotten more information out of Lindsey and what they are doing to uncover the apocalypse going on under their noses.

“He has tendrils all throughout Los Angeles.”

“Tendril tendrils?”

“Metaphor tendrils.”

That is Grade A writing. That is primo stuff. Why is this show being cancelled?

Was this the first time that Mercedes McNab has been in the opening credits? It’s the first time I noticed, which made me think that she was going to meet the business end of a wooden stake in this episode. People tend to die when they make appearances in the opening credits.

Actually, IIRC, he was told there was no way to get back Connor, so instead he worked a mojo to make Sahjahn corporeal, just so he could kill him.

Great, great episode. I always liked Connor, I was glad to see him back, and it was great to see how his story got resolved. Assuming it has been resolved, at least.

Although I still think they should have brought him back as a recurring character half way through the season, as Wolfram & Hart’s newest intern. That’d have been great.

And how bad-ass was Gunn? “This heart ain’t gonna rip itself out.” Can’t wait 'til they bust him out. Wonder how Wes will react now that he knows he’s just as much a bastard as Gunn was.

I think she was in the credits last week. With only 6 eps left, I guess they decided what the heck.

Some good stuff in the this ep, not sure I like the Wes and Pseudo-Fred stuff. I’m really tired of guilt.

“Don’t touch the clipboard!”

Best. Line. Ever.
And tell me he wouldn’t like it. :wink:

[slight hijack]SkipMagic, you made my whole day. smooches to you and auntie em. Hope y’all are doing good. [/hijack]

Thaaaaat’s right! Because Angel had murder in his eyes when Sahjahn didn’t appear in the lobby; instead, Sahjahn ended up in the street where he took on that truck.

My bad.

Uh-oh. What’d I do now? [sub]Consider your smooches passed along to auntie em.[/sub] :slight_smile:

I don’t think Illyria is trying to manipulate Wes. I think she’s just being an Elder Something-or-other trapped in a human body, giving her Elder Something-or-other perspective on the situation.

“I wish to keep Spike as my pet.”
Yeah, me too.

Although, as lines go, I was kind of partial to “She put a whole petri dish in her mouth?”

Illyria’s the kind of girl who shows a guy she likes him by standing on his head. Spike’s kind of girl.

I’m really, really starting to like Illyria. Amy Acker just, like, totally rocks as an actress.

Me, too. Don’t get me wrong; I liked Fred, but her voice sometimes drive me crazy. The voice she’s using with Illyria is just damn cool; plus, Acker’s so good at it, that I kinda marvel about how well she’s playing two different characters.