Angel 04/23/03 - Sacrifice (spoilers)

I’m so glad Mutant Enemy is not letting me down this year. Another excellent, excellent episode. Some questions answered, new questions to think about.
It’s still some time till it airs in the US, so I’ll put the spoilerbox here, if there are Angel fans logged in to the board who don’t want to be spoiled.

[spoiler] We start the same instant where we left off and it just keeps rolling, doesn’t it? Things I’m curious about right now:

  • Did Yasmine eat Cordy?
  • Is Connor in fact seeing her true face?
  • The wounds flashing on and off on Yasmine in the end, where they on the soldiers or the Fang Gang?
  • As compared to the glimpse of übervamps we got in Buffy the end of this weeks Angel was really creepy.

I’m pleasantly surprised that what looked like the Monster of the Week actually tied in with the arc.

And now that Yasmine has converted everyone in sight, she’s not really pretending any more, is she? Her speach about what the world is about to become… I think she sees herself as queen of a hive, caring for the total, but not for any individual.

What can I say.

Watching it now. Creeeepy Jasmine. But where’s the blue thing from the teaser?

Gaspode, I, being the filthiest spoiler whore in Christendom, read your summary and it gave me chills.

Holy. Flurking. Schmidt.

Damn! Now that’s television!

The Gaspode,

[spoiler]the wounds appearing on Jasmine were the soldiers’ wounds, because they, unlike the Fang Gang, are connected to her.

If the Governor of California is now onboard with the Jasmine thing, they must be planning to mention this thing over on Buffy.[/spoiler]

Does Jasmine feed on pain, in addition to the humans that feel it? Is that why she makes people so happy: because she consumes all the negative feelings in them (and then consumes them)? I dunno if I like how this has played out: now Jas looks like another Glory-type entity: just some unspeakable god from one of an infinate number of hell dimensions. It was cooler to think of her as the true face of The Powers That Be. But maybe this hell dimension is just one place where she’s worshiped, and not her home dimension. I mean, it would be pretty silly for her to expend so much effort to come here from there if spider guy could waltz back and forth with just a little blood magic.

Ok just freakin’ awesome. Angel is definitely one of the best examples of modern fantasy in any medium. Dark, epic and just plain inspired. You get humor, moral conundrums, high action and chittering things that do spells with just blood and flesh. What more can you want?

As for Jasmine I think she takes the whole of the person. The pain is part of it but the reason she mentioned it specifically is because Connor is so attatched to his and refused to give it up. Once he did he was fully a part of her and her follower-slaves. The connection is eerie deep as now it seems like followers can essentially be her for the purpose of getting people hooked in. This level of connection was also reflected in the woundings. She does have superior healing abilities I’d wager and so she was taking the wounds for her soldiers so that the FG couldn’t just tear them appart.

I think that the other dimension just worships her. I doubt she’s from there or from anywhere. The way the chittering thing was talking about her made it sound like she was a personified abyss.

I really just can’t wait to see how this all plays out.

Just realized: we have only TWO more eps till the end of the season (though, luckily, it looks like Angel will be renewed). That means that this all wraps up real soon: maybe even next week. I can hardly believe it will be over soon, but really, they’ve timed it out well: Jasmines been around long enough to play with the concept some, but not drag things out endlessly.

Creepy, horrifying, and funny. Great TV. Gods, I wish Buffy was this good.

Without ever actually mentioning it, I think this episode demonstrated that sneaking back into town with a 30.06 won’t work.

I especially liked how the MoTW was here for a plot reason, and served to advance the plot. So much better than Buffy.

Also, when did Fred learn how to kick ass?

OK, what’s going on? The last ep of Angel I watched, there was a Big Bad called The Beast, Angel had gone bad, and Cordy had gone bad and pregnant.

Perhaps it is harder to relocate a God than a human / vampire?

Well also Jasmine needs to incarnate, she doesn’t seem to be solid in our world plus she made herself a special body.

gobear short version Cordy has her baby and it isn’t what we expect. For the long version I recommend hunting down those with tapes as no summary is going to do it a bit of justice.

Eh, I guess I’ll have to do the bad thing and watch them online.

I haven’t had any interest before in buying a season’s worth of a television show on DVD.

Until now.

Angel is the first show in a loooong time that I really look forward to watching each week. I am DEFINITELY going to buy this season of Angel when it is available on DVD. I hope we won’t have to wait too long!

Could a spoiler addict post where you’re getting your fix :smiley:

Hook me up man!

Never seen it, but I do have a question – I was flipping through the channels and caught a small part of a scene where there was a group of people in one dingy* room and on the other side of the door was some guy with a bunch of other guys who looked like cops, or something – they had nightsticks I think, and then they burst through the door and attacked the first group of people on the other side who lined up and did some sort of martial arts fighting. Then, I think I recall some chick standing there and getting cut by nothing. The TV Guide channel had switched times by then so I couldn’t see what it was. Was that Angel? If so why didn’t the defenders close on the door so that they could use the bottleneck to tactical advantage? Did they lose the fight?
*I mean “grimy”, not “a small boat”.

There was no way for them to win the fight. They were four unarmed folks against a dozen or so SWAT team/MP type people. And Connor, of course.

Funny how the soldiers didn’t use guns…

But I wonder what’s to become of Angel now that he’s in creepy town.

By the way, if Jasmine’s real name is Rumplestiltskin (sp?), I’m packing my bags and leaving. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate to be redundant, but

Oh. My. God.
What a great episode.

js_ africanus - looks like you caught the tail end on “Angel”.

Angel, Lorne, Wesley, Gunn and Fred (good guys) are in a small room, trying to keep the “National Guard”, led by Conner (bad guy now but use to be good guy with long backstory) from entering before Angel could escape to another world. “National Guard” overpowers people in small room and come in swinging. Episode ends with heavy fighting. There is no win or lose…yet. More than likely Jasmine (the Big Bad) wants the good guys kept alive.