Angel season 4 Re Cordy (open spoilers)

What a dumb bitch. I am in the process of watching the angel series as it trickles in from TNT. This is season 4 after she gets her memory back and the beast shows up. I have learned to appreciate Cordy’s character developement from the clueless snob in Buffy to the mothering and mature Champion of angel. When she went to become something higher I would have been content to let her be a medium between the PTB and Angel because I felt comfortable with her character’s maturity and figured that she really had nowhere else to go but down if they tried to revert her to the silly idiot she was.

Boy was I right and wrong. WTF did they think having hersleep with Connor right after telling angel they are in love. At the end of Apocalypse, Nowish I was getting tired of the romance angles they tried to put on Gunn/Fred, Lilah/Wesley/Fred, Angel/Cordelia, and Connors infatuation with Cordelia. I was getting bored with everyone moping around because of their stupid love lives (even Lilah!).

I smiled after Angel told her to take her new boyfriend andget the fuck out. Hopefully Angel finds her doing the naughty with his son as unforgivable and she will realise how dumb she was and we can kill that triangle. I doubt it. We will still have a pissedConnor and a newly pissed angel and a clueless Cordy playing both sides. I don’t see her ever getting back what she lost with that dumb move before she dies. (I know she dies but don’t know the details and don’t want to know yet)

When it first aired, there was a lot of people here in the thread of that particular episode who found it very, very squicky.
Stay with it. For me, eventually, it all made perfect sense and S.4 is among the top in all the Buffyverse, for me.

Cordy? Cordy wasn’t in season 4.

Not sure which season 4 you were watching, but in my season 4 she was all over the place.

The actress, not the character. Charima Capenter may have been there, but she wasn’t playing Cordy - she was playing a creature controlling Cordy’s body.

I do agree that Angel Season 4 is the best season in all Buffy-verse, but I’ll admit that it was a shame Charisma got pregnant and they had to do a “pregnancy” storyline for the second year in a row.

I thought Cordy’s first pregnancy was in season 2? or are you referring to Darla?

and if you are referring to Darla

her pregnancy was necessary to produce Conner so that he could father, well, let’s just say, the individual we meet in just a few short episodes

Potayto, potahto.

Well, she did get pregnant in one episode of season 1 I think, but that was just a stand-alone episode.

She was pregnant in Season 4, giving birth to Zoe…uh…I mean Jasmine who took over Los Angeles with love and beauty and eating people.

Angel, Angelus.

I think the series came to a logical conclusion and end with S.4. It started goofier, with stand alone episodes but developed nicely to a very good ensamble show. The conclusion is in the final episode… … when Angel sets up Connor with a normal life. It’s a redemption of sorts, too.
There was some good stuff in S.5. Some very good stuff, as with BtVS S.6-7. But the story ended in 4 for Angel and 5 for Buffy.

I really disagree, but that may be because I think Season 5 of Angel is its best. Seasons 2-4 of Angel are basically one long story arc, but they’re nestled within the even larger Wolfram and Hart story arc, and Season 5 is what deals with that.

Besides, “Not Fade Away” has got to be the best series finale of all time, and perfectly encapsulates the basic themes of the show.

Mahaloth, I edited your post because, although I know the thread title includes “open spoilers”, I thought it’d be best to stick with what others have done in this thread and not spoil that twist for AFAIKnow.

Thanks, SkipMagic! You rock!

Count me amoung the squicked out at that scene. Not just cause it was little baby Connor bangin’ Cordy, but because the whole thing just felt so…desperate and fatalistic and sad.

Of course, it makes for a hell of a season. Can’t wait for you to see the rest!

Again, I repeat the cry: never make a post that JUST has spoiler boxes in it, with no explanation of what the spoiler may or may not be about or what ep it spoils up to. What is a non-spoied person supposed to do? How are they supposed to know if they can read it or not or what it refers to?

In a way, I agree. The very final episode rocks and there was some closure. But for me, they didn’t tell a story in S.5. They had some story elements and ideas for a plot, but over all they were
Going through the motions
Walking through the part
Nothing seems to penetrate my heart

The arc about Wolf, Ram & Hart got closure, but the (actually sad) story about Liam, his wicked ways and his path back to redemption* didn’t move forward in S.5.

*Which was really the original premise of Ats and in some parts, the ret-conning of his appearance in Sunnydale in the first place.

I started watching Angel in between season 4 and season 5 when I found out that Spike was going to be on Angel in season 5. Much to my surprise, since neither Cordelia nor Angel had been favourites of mine, I grew to like Angel. I liked Cordelia’s character development, and I liked Wesley’s. I was never particularly fond of Fred, nor of Connor.

Contrary to what some others have posted here, I don’t agree that season 4 was the pinnacle of the series. There was a lot about it I didn’t like at all, including the treatment of Cordelia, prompted I suppose by Charisma Carpenter’s pregnancy. In my view, it wasn’t a logical fit with the trajectory suggested by the ending of season 3.

I have all the seasons on DVD. It took me a long time to get through season 4, and I wouldn’t be in a hurry to watch it again.

Count me with Tarrsk in feeling that Season 5 was the best. Even with the rushed ending and wrap-up, they succeeded in doing it right. The whole feel and arc of the season was nigh-on perfect for me. Adding Spike as a counter-point for Angel worked on so many levels, and the dialogue between those two was the best of any season of either Buffy or Angel.

When did TNT start airing Angel again? It seemed like they stopped last Fall.