"Anger Management" -- Did anyone watch the premiere?

Charlie Sheen’s new show, “Anger Management”, premiered on the FX channel last night (Thurday, June 28, 2012). Did any of you guys catch the show? If so, what did you think?

I watched it. I think it has potential. It was nice to see Brett Butler back on TV. It was kind of amusing that she also uses her real first name in the show like Charlie. It was also nice to see Shawnee Smith. I barely recognized Barry Corbin as Ed. In other words, they brought back a lot of people from the past. And Selma Blair is still smokin’ hot.

It wasn’t exactly hilarious, but it was “okay funny”, I guess. I’ll definitely watch it again!

The second episode was a bit cringe worthy (slump buster!) but that was what they were going for. If I remember, I’ll watch it again. Same with the show that comes on FX after (Wilfred).

Definitely cringe worthy, but good for a laugh or a smirk.

I’m almost always able to recognize an actor’s voice so when the Ed character spoke his first line I was taken aback thinking, “Is that Barry Corbin?!” He spoke again and I wasn’t sure, grabbed my iPhone and looked it up, sure enough it was him. He has really aged a lot in the last ten years or so.

For those who don’t recognize the name he’s a character actor with a southern drawl that has been in countless films & TV shows like the ex-astronaut in Northern Exposure, the General in War Games, and Sela Ward’s dad in the Tom Hanks film Nothing in Common

Shaunie Smith still looks cute though!

Kudos for the cast. I didn’t do my homework and was glad to see them all

Barry Corbin
Shawnee Smith (total hotness!) I dig her and I’m glad to see her again. I hope they don’t model her character into a “Judith” model like 2.5 men.
Brett Butler: Glad to see her back. I like her.

I hope this show works. I saw some blurb on Entertainment TV that Sheen has now declared he’s clean and sober again, so let’s see how long this show lasts. (Long story short: I was at a job interview in a hotel lobby and it was in the background on the big screen. I couldn’t help but look.)

I think it was on ET!