Animated "Clone Wars" to have a theatrical release

I had heard about a T.V. series, didn’t know it would be animated.
Just now saw a report that the T.V. “series debut” will actually be a theatrically released animated film.

A lot of people don’t realize this, but this will actually be the first fully animated Star Wars film to be released theatrically. The three most recent films actually had a handful of real flesh and blood actors, if you watch really closely it’s obvious during some scenes.


I’m confused. Is this the same “Clone Wars” cartoon that was on Cartoon Network a few years back, or is this a completely new one? Because “Clone Wars” was actually pretty good.

The cel animated CW was what showed a few years back in quickie installments (most 3-4 minutes, a few 10-12). This CW will have many more installments at a full 30 minutes each (including commercials) and be completely CG. Cartoon Network will be showing this series as well, presumably in the Fall.

Is Genndy Tartatovsky (sp) at the helm? I generally love his work, but I didn’t think his style was quite right for Star Wars.

Tartakovsky (pretty darn close, though).

Although he did some work on the first series, he doesn’t have any relationship to this new project, I believe.

So…when does it take place? Is it between the prequels and the main trilogy?

I can imagine it’s about Mon Mothma and Bail Organa forming the Rebel Alliance, while Palpatine grows even more in power, slowly removing the senate and forming the Empire out of the Old Republic.

There’s been a little confusion because there are actually 2 SW tv productions in the works:
(1) CW, which is animated and, like the previous animated series, takes place in between Eps 2 & 3.

(2) A live action series (as yet unnamed, AFAIK) that takes place between Eps 3 & 4. While I understand that the animated series will still factor in quite a few well-known characters, this one will use mostly marginal characters (because all the well-known ones are, by this time in the story, dead, in exile, or running the Empire).

WonderCon will be in a couple of weeks, so I imagine more details on both will be available during one of the panels/presentations then…