Ann Coulter gets pwned! Coulter haters check it out!

Ann Coulter was supposed to be on Adam Corrola’s radio show. She was an hour and a half late and he tells her to get lost.
I usually don’t have much use for Adam either, but here he really sticks it to Coulter. It is a short audio clip. If you dislike Coulter, you will get a smile out of this.


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Hmmmm…why are the ads at the bottom for Van Morrison and US MArine Cadence cds?

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Stand by for Mr. Carolla’s upcoming book, How to Talk to a Conservative.

Sweet. About time someone actually stood up to her.

…and you know what, I’d say the same thing if my beloved Jon Stewart called in a half an hour late with no apology, tried to blame it on the host and his staff, and then said he was “tight on time.” Fuck you, you entitled princess. Learn to keep a commitment. It’s not like you even had to fix your hair, spackle your face and strap your boobies into their upright position - it was a phone call to a radio station, fer Chrissakes.

…uh? Too much for MPSIMS? Who cares.

Normally, I’d think this kind of behavior was rude and undeserved . . .
. . . but not when it’s aimed at Ann Coulter. :slight_smile:

I can tell from that brief clip that Mr. Corrolla’s show is an inane pile of crap and that I’d rather bathe in kerosene than listen to it (I can’t stand people who laugh at their own jokes,) but I rather enjoyed that. Thank you.

I have it on very good authority that Ann was naked at the time, and her toenails were dirty.

Those are called talons, not toenails.

Babboons have talons?

I just came from church where I heard I am too love my neighbor and pray for those who wish me harm.

I think that this would include a nattering hag whose only goal is to sell books, and fans the flames that divide people for her own gain.

God has sent me Ann Coulter to test me.

Thankfully God is very forgiving of my shortcomings…


“That’s the only interview Ann’s ever given where she didn’t say something offensive.”


Carolla has apparently made some kind of non-apology “apology.” The audio is posted on his website but I can’t get it to play. I think his server must be overloaded.

That’s up there with Keith Olbermann referring to her as “Ann Coultergeist” the other night on the All-Time List of Ann Coulter Burns.

Meh. I thought that it was lame. She may well have had a legitimate reason for being late. If he really wanted to own her he would have taken her on for real. A two year old could have hung up the phone on her.

Sorry, Haj, I think Adam did the right thing. If she had called in and started out by apologizing for being late–like any normal, decent human being would have done–I could see it, but she didn’t. Somtimes the simplest thing to do is the right thing to do.

Hell, if I was 90 minutes late to anything, I would start right out by apologizing for my rudeness, and I would make sure that it sounded sincere. Even then, if the guy blew me off, I would understand.

Ann began by blaming someone else for her fuckup (on air, no less) and then explaining about how pressed for time she was . . . I would have hung up on her rude, spoiled-little-princess ass, too.

And this shitbird complains about how the left is out of touch with mainstream America?? I’m surprised she can walk. Her balls must be as big as the bells of Notre Dame.