Another Assboink, Idaho thread

With so manny of the Dopers having get togethers, I thought I would throw one more location out there. Anyone in the Tampa, Florida area? I know there is at least one other Doper who lives around here, in the Orlando area. Two does not make for a very exciting get together. ::looking around hopefully::

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Don’t know who said it, but I like it.

May I humbly suggest that perhaps you’re doing it wrong.

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Not sure if I am the one you are referring to as an Orlando person, but here’s another Florida resident (for now. If I move soon enough I just might be calling for an Atlanta get-together.)

Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

Assboink, Idaho! ROFLMAO!!!

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Mullinator, driving up to Atlanta over Christmas, by any chance? Michelle, care to drive up to Atlanta over Christmas by any chance? :slight_smile: I’ve started a thread regarding an Atlanta get-together. I’m too lazy to look up the link right now, though.

Hi Michelle, another Tampa resident here! Ready and willing if a Florida get-together can be arranged.

I thought there was at least one more Tampa person posting…hm. I know there were more little red dots on Tampa at!

Well, anyway, I say the three of us could have a great time anyway! Neener neener neener to the folks from NYC, Columbus, and all those other highly-SDMBer-dense regions.

Michelle and eden together???
Tampa here I come!


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Yeah, Mullinator, it was you I was talking about in my OP. Stephmon lives in Orlando too (last I heard, anyway), although I don’t think he frequents this board often (unless it is under a different name and I’m not aware of it).

eden, where in Tampa do you live?

Strainger, I would love to go to Atlanta. I was there for the Olympics and I thought it was beautiful. Maybe if eden can read a map (I cannot) we could both come up for a visit! Timing is difficult with my odd work schedule. But I would really love to meet some more of the REGS here. So far I have met Opal and Be Logical.

I’m in Lee County, but I’m not gonna get outta here anytime soon - when I go to college, we’ll talk again. :wink:

Michelle: I live in Westchase, which is off Hillsborough/Tampa Road near Oldsmar. And now I’m really curious…what animal hospital do you work in? I wonder if I’ve been there.

The irony for me of the Atlanta connection is that I was JUST THERE for software training…and it was really boring because after 4 pm I had nothing to do. No idea why contacting Atlantians (sp?) didn’t occur to me…

Frankie: all the way from Seattle?! Damn. Who knew we Florida girls had such pull?

I used to work at North Bay Animal and Bird Hospital, which is on Hillsborough and Memorial. Now I work at Florida Veterinary Specialists on Busch Blvd and Twin Lakes, in the Carrollwood area. If you are in Oldsmar, I think you are about 40 minutes away from where I live. I live near USF, right behind Univeristy Community Hospital.

AARGH! I think my dad died in that hospital. Not their fault.

I have been to North Bay, it’s the closest hospital to my house (right by my Publix!). I live maybe five minutes from there.

Takes me about 30 min. to get to Busch Gardens, so that sounds about right. Well! I think happy hour is in order!

Fer sure! Due to my exrememly hectic work schedule, I am only available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. :slight_smile:

Actually, this week I am pretty busy, covering for someone on vacation. Otherwise, I really do have most of the week free.

Lemme know when and where. Mullinator, why don’t you come on over too?