Another Attack?

A plane has just hit a skyscraper in Milan, Italy.

Link when I have it.

From CNN, 12:20 P.M. Eastern time:

MILAN, Italy (CNN) – A small plane has hit a skyscraper in central Milan, setting the top floors of the 30-story building on fire, an Italian journalist told CNN. The crash by the Piper tourist plane into the 26th floor occurred at 5:50 p.m. (1450 GMT) on Thursday, said journalist Desideria Cavina. The building houses government offices and is next to the city’s central train station. Several stories of the building were engulfed in fire, she said. Police were trying to keep people away, and many ambulances were on the scene. There is no word yet on casualties.

Oh my god… :frowning: The worst part is, no one here at work seems to care. At all. I don’t know if that means we’re all jaded, or that it doesn’t matter because it’s happening somewhere other than here.

How terrible. How absolutely awful.

I’m worried :frowning:

CNN said that the pilot called in an SOS, so it looks like it may be an accident. God, I hope it is.

Maybe its another kid who took to much acne medicine.


In any case I hope nobody was hurt.

it was a Piper plane.

Left a big hole…

BBC news link:

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A small piper plane would not leave that much damage. This was not a piper plane.

I don’t buy the engine trouble thing. I just don’t. It’s too much of a coincidence that a small plane having engine trouble would just happen to hit one of the largest concrete buildings in the world, which also happens to be a government and financial center. Call me cynical, but I just don’t buy it. If there was an SOS it was to cover their own asses.

eh, it was a small piper plane according to every news source I can find. Apparently it had been circling around for a while looking for somewhere to land.

Anything larger would have taken the top off that building.

Meh. If that’s the case I retract my earlier statement. I guess it is a coincidence. Just a really spooky one. :frowning:

CNN is reporting that the plane was 50 miles into a 350 mile trip to Rome.
Result = Nearly full fuel tanks

The building hosts local government offices and the ANSA news agency.

There is a close up picture in the Picture stories section on Ananova of the building, with 2 or 3 stories destroyed, but intact storied above and below. Dosent look like the plane was too big and gives creedence to the Piper plane reports.

Apparently there was no one on board but the pilot.

There is massive damage and a big fire. This was NOT a small piper plane. It may have not been a jetliner.

That stupid kid who crashed a piper into a building in florida pretty much bounced off it. There is a lot of damage here. maybe a corporate jet? It’s early, but it looks like terrorism to me.

Picture of a Piper plane