Another Bold Prediction! I won't see the Crocodile Hunter movie...

but, by gum, it WILL suck!

Sorry, I just saw an ad for it on King of the Hill and was completely stunned at how bad an idea it is.

Yeah, it won’t be good, but it should be at least a little bit of fun. My bet is that people who enjoy the show will enjoy the movie, as it looks like a 90-minute episode.

I’ll wait for video, but around here there are matinee theaters that’ll show it cheaper than a rental.

Crikey! I’ll just bet you’re right!

For what it’s worth Ebert and Roeper gave it two thumbs up today. It sounds like a harmless piece of fun.

I can’t wait to see it. Looks like a hoot.

(premise: something important gets eaten by a crocodile that he is relocating, and so the government types are after the croc)

And the idea for the Josie And The Pussycats movie was genius, sheer genius, right?


So is Steve just a walking geek show or what? I’ve never seen his show, so I honestly don’t know what his schtick is, but it seems that he is constantly provoking dangerous animals. He’s supposed to be educating people about endangered species, right? Marlin Perkins and Jacques Cousteau never wrestled animals.

I’ll make an even less bold prediction. It’ll be released to home video before Thanksgiving to capitalize on the “family comedy” vibe, and will be a huge seller and renter regardless of how it does at the box office.

I also predict my family will rent it for Thanksgiving night, and I will run screaming from my aunt’s house when they do.

Actually, I did see Marlin Perkins wrestle with a boa constrictor or a large python while in a canoe on one episode of Wild Kingdom. I think it dropped out of the trees onto him.

But no, I don’t remember him going around baiting animals.

Dunno about Jacques but Marlin probably did wrestle animals, we just didn’t see it on Mutual of Omaha. Like Steve, Marlin was more than just the host of a TV show. Marlin started his career at the St. Louis Zoo as a member of the grounds crew. Two years later, he was made Curator of Reptiles. After 11 years, he went off to become Director of the New York Zoological Gardens in Buffalo then to Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo. Marlin began his association with TV when at Lincoln Park. Marlin returned to become the Director of the St. Louis Zoo in 1962 until his retirement in 1970.

Unlike Marlin, Steve was raised in a zoo-like setting, the Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park. I think his TV stardom may have been an accident. He’s been handling crocs since he was a boy and used his experience in the Crocodile Relocation Program. During his tenure as Director of the Australia Zoo, a film crew dropped by to shoot a documentary, the producer of which happened to be one of Steve’s friends. It would seem that the two hatched the idea of filming one of Steve’s rouge croc relocation adventures.

It’s getting to be damn hard to find a summer movie that’s not based on a TV show, video game or previous movie. Why pay $8 to see what you could watch on the tube?

BTW, The movie is called Crocodile Hunter Collision Course. Shortening the title cheapens the efforts of everyone who put their souls into this opus. This also goes for Pokeman: The Movie 2000 and MVP2 Most Vertical Primate.

I had a chance to catch a sneak preview of the movie this past weekend. The movie is hilarious. It is nothing like his TV show. Not wanting to spoil the movie for those who will see it, think alien spaceships, one bad ass croc, and a load of goofy bad guys. The humor is on the sophmoric side but that is the way I like it.