Another California earthquake

Just felt a noticable shake here in the central Sierra foothills … (11:45 am PDT) …

I’m impressed it’s already listed on the USGS earthquake map, but no magnitude shown yet.

I’m gonna guess from what I felt at this distance that it must have been a 5 or so.

Any other dopers in range to feel this one?

Earth’s up, dude! Grab your board!

What a call! It’s now listed as a 5.2! :cool:

Didn’t feel a thing down here (Pasadena). Hmmm…


I see I forgot to mention it was centered near Truckee … :smack:

Didn’t feel a thing down here. Finally, an earthquake in California that wasn’t aimed at me! :smiley:

I was at my mom’s house in Placerville ( I live in Sacramento ) and I felt it. Pretty cool!