Another Cartoon character to ID

This was a sidekick character, not the star.

It was a dog. Every once in a while, somebody would throw him a dog biscuit. He would repeatedly hug himself across the chest saying, “Mmmmm…mmmmm…mmmmm”, then he would shoot straight up into the air like a rocket, and float slowly down.

It wasn’t Mutley, was it? Stooge to archvillain Dick Dastardly? He was known for his snicker, but ISTR him floating rapturously into the air when he got a snack.

That would be Snuffles from Quick Draw McGraw who went into fits of ecstasy over a dog biscuit.
Oddly enough the first thing I thought of upon reading the OP was Muttley the sidekick of Dick Dastardly but apparently old Muttley did his bit over a medal not a biscuit and came a few years later.

This is what I learned today. :slight_smile:

Right! A medal. :smack:

I don’t remember Snuffles.

Thanks! It was indeed Snuffles. I did have a vague mental connection with the behavior and the Quick Draw McGraw series, but I didn’t mention it because I wasn’t sure.

I think there was another sidekick name Babalooey, a Mwxicxan … something? Donke, maybe. He always called the hero “Queeksdraw”. I think they may have been modeled on the Cisco Kid & Pancho.

Also, wasn’t Riccochet Rabbit pretty much the same show? I remember there was a hilbilly deputy who always seemed chronically depressed. But Richochet was more or less a a coke head – “Bing, bing BING… Riccochet Rabbit!”,

Babalooey was a burro.

You’ve got me with Richochet Rabbit though-I’ve never heard of it.
He’s listed on Toonpedia though.

Which is a pretty neat site I must say.

Deputy Dawg?

No, he means Deputy Droopalong, Richochet Rabbit’s sidekick.

Now I have anothe mystery. I saw a reference to a Touche Turtle – and the picture rings a bell, but I can’t say I remember it.

But I do remember one called Tudor Turtle, which is not listed in that site. He had a pal called Mr. Wizard – I think Tudor went back in time, but I can’t remember why or what he did. Mr. Wizard was always disappointed in him, and pulling him back from where/whenever he was sent. I remember
“Twizzle, Twazzle, Twuzzle, Twome,
Time for this one to come home.”

Was this part of some other show? Maybe Ray Raynor, or Bozo, or …?

Jeez, it’s weird what stuff sticks in your head from 40 years ago. I remember some of this stuff better that things I did last week.

A little Googling brings up a fairly recent reference to Tudor Turtle in the movie The Matrix

But apparently I got the poem wrong. The sites I’ve found say the actual ibe goes:

And for my next dim memory – Atom Ant! I loved that show!

So, THAT’S where that comes from. It was used several times on MST3K when they were doing the old serial, “The Phanthom Creeps”!