Another hose bites the dust

In this thread, I was concerned that I wasn’t paying my non-professional-nice-guy-friend-of-a-neighbor yard guy enough. I mentioned that he was very slow and had made mistakes, such as mowing over my garden hose. So I got a new hose – bright chartreuse and yellow striped (probably visible from the moon) – and I got some hose guides so that I could make the hose hug the stepping stone walkway, which I personally would not mow anywhere close to.

So today “Bobby” and his 15-yr-old son come over to mow my lawn, and while Bobby is weed-whacking, he turns the mower over to his son, who promptly mows through my new hose. He even managed to destroy one of the hose guides, which are made of two 4" metal disks, with a metal spike down the middle.

What exactly will it take to stop this senseless hose slaughter?

A firm warning and the threat of subtracting the cost of future damaged hoses from his pay. He might run over one more but I doubt any more than that. Unless he is really dumb or lazy or both. Most people just don’t get it until you smack 'em in the wallet.