Another "Identify a movie from minimal clues" thread

First, let me say that the Dope identified for me a movie from my youth (Monolith Monsters). My sister gave me a DVD of it for Christmas, and it is every bit as awesome as I remember (although I do understand how, as some Dopers reported, people could have watched it and thought, “Uh…when do the monsters appear?” And my sister also posits that this move is why I wanted to be a geologist.)

Anyhoo, after waxing ecstatic to my sister about the power of the Dope, she asked me to ask the Dope about one of her obscure “I saw it on TV” memories.

Here is the scene she described to me: A view of the ground at eye level (e.g., imagine being buried in a flat field up to your lower eyelids). A hand emerges through the earth, and flames then surround the hand. Then, more hands start emerging through the earth, all the way to the horizon.

Any ideas???

I feel like there might be a scene like that in Evil Dead - kind of like the shot in the poster. Maybe…?

No idea. But it is reminiscent of the House Republicans.