Another "name that movie" thread

I have heard about a movie that is supposed to be pretty good, but I have very little actual info about it.

Here’s what I know…

  1. it’s recent… late 90’s early 00’s
  2. French, or at least set in France (Paris, I think)
  3. The plot has something to do with a group of (maybe elderly) ladies that find lost cats, although that may not be the main story.

Seen it?
Know the title?
Is it any good?

Could it be Chacun cherche son chat (1996)?

Yeah… that’s the one. Thanks a lot.

vl_mungo, you seem done, mind if i borrow this thread? It just triggered a memory…

When I was a child, I saw 2 movies or shows on tv. This is going back maybe as far as somewhere in the late 60’s.

What I saw has, with the passage of time been reduced to a single set of images, which have kind of permanenty etched themselves on my brain. I think at the time i had nightmares about them. It feels as if i saw both in one sitting.

I havent been able identify what they were.

The first image is of a small girl (which seems in my mind like Shirley Temple) standing on some steps. I think it is winter, possibly christmas time. A large object or weight (the association i have is like the cartoon ten ton weights, or maybe a piano) falls and crushes her.

The second image is of a woman trapped in a room. She is clawing at a wall or door to try and get out. you just see here arms, and something is happening to her skin. It could be that she is turning into a wax figure or a mannequin. There are other figures in the room to which the same thing happened or is happening.

This one I think might possibly have been a twilight zone.

Anyway, I still remember clearly that they both really scared the crap out of me, I was way to young to have been watching them :slight_smile: would be nice to watch them again and maybe get it out of my system :slight_smile:

The thread title seems to have been mangled, so I fixed it as well as I could. If that’s not what you meant it to say, vl_mungo, let me know, and I’ll change it again.

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