Another new feature I just noticed

I haven’t seen this mentioned by anyone else, but I noticed that after you enter a response to a thread, you can just hit “Back” on your browser to go back to the thread listing. On the old board (and every other message board I’ve ever used), hitting “Back” after entering a reply just takes you back to the edit window where you entered your reply. But now it doesn’t. As Doctor McCoy once said, this is a real time saver!

That is nice! Good catch.

Even nicer – I can hit Reply in a thread, and a little pop-up at the bottom shows up for me to type in. I can then go to totally other threads where there may be other info I want to reference, and keep typing in the box – and when I post, it posts to the original thread! Brilliant! Especially on mobile devices.

You mean you don’t always open threads in a separate tab so that your thread listing remains untrammelled?

On PC yes but not on mobile

Well, that’s all well and good, but prioritizing the saving of time can lead to things like changing baseball rules simply for the sake of making games shorter.

Not necessarily this time saver, I hasten to add, but I feel it’s important to keep in mind that "time sav[ing] isn’t inherently an unalloyed good.

In the interest of time, I won’t presume to disagree with that sentiment.

A new feature I found on the list of keyboard shortcuts (which I no longer know how to find, sorry) is that if you want to back up, just type lower-case u. I like this feature. It reliably goes back one step, which the back arrow does not always do as it’s a browser thing I think.

Hitting the question mark on my keyboard brings up the list of shortcuts. (on desktop view anyway)


The site saves drafts. It saves new thread drafts, I don’t know about run-of-the-mill posts. I started an OP, gave up on it and closed the window. Came back a few hours later and it was still there.

From what I read on the demo site, you can craft a reply, log out, go to another device and the reply will still be there. I haven’t tried it, so I can’t vouch for that, but if it’s true, that could be a fun feature.