Another winter rant

I live in Montreal. We just had a nice snowstorm – everything (well, almost) is white. I’ve spoken to a couple of friends yesterday and today; all are bitching about the snow. Well, here’s a rant of my own.

How long have you people lived in this province? I know that our national sport is not hockey, but rather bitching about the weather. But come on, bitching and grumbling about winter will NOT make it go away*. So, you have to dig out your car and move it before the plows come through: BIG DEAL – ya crybabies, you KNEW about winter when you bought your car; you KNEW about parking problems in winter. So, the city didn’t plow the sidewalk 15 times during the storm: BIG DEAL – we have winter up here, buy boots! So, it’s -30C: BIG DEAL – it’s fucking winter, dress warmly! What really freaks me out is how many skiers actually bitch about the winter – they’re happy as clams for the snow on the mountains, but they’d like July in the city. Doesn’t work that way here! We get winter ALL OVER! Deal with it!

When it snows, and when it’s cold, the city doesn’t stink, the air is crisp, everything is white and quiet. After a storm, it’s usually a blinding sunny beautiful day. When the snows melt, they feed our streams and rivers and underground water supply. The snow protects plants, trees and animals from freezing. And damn, but it’s beautiful! On a more urban note, the snow hides the garbage and dog shit that irresponsible people leave around. “Oh, spring is so nice…” Bull. It’s wet, it’s muddy, it stinks, there’s junk everywhere, everything is black or gray or brown, you realize just how many dog-owners are assholes and don’t pick up after their pet (yeah, that’s right, I’m talking to YOU, dickface!).

For fuck’s sake, if you’re gonna be in it, why not try and enjoy it? Go for a walk in the snow – good exercise. Borrow someone’s kids, or dog, or sled, or all of the above. Grab your skates and go help clear the local ice rink for the kids. Makes hot dogs on the BBQ! Go snowmobiling with a group for the day (responsibly, of course). Go make snow angels in your yard. Go make snow angels in someone else’s yard! Build a fort – build a tunnel. Light up that fireplace you never use and roast marshmallows. Go play football in 3 feet of snow! Hang out at major intersections and help little old ladies over the snow banks! Visit someone who can’t get out and about in the winter. Open all the drapes and blinds, wrap up in a warm blanket, look outside and daydream. Go feed the birds in the park, they’ll sing for you and bring color to your day…

If you’re gonna bitch about winter all the time, move to Florida – ils parlent français and they have poutine.

** Global warming or whatever is taking care of that for us…*