Answers Only Thread

I agree. They’ve added so many restrictions that it’s impossible to figure out what’s acceptable.

No, they haven’t returned my message yet. I’ll try again tomorrow.

I go shopping when I need something, so you can remove my name from your call list.

The threads go around counter-clockwise. But don’t forget to push the plunger in while rotating.

There were six of them out front the last time I looked.

Yeah, I saw. Better let the boss know.

I’m actually considering calling them about this. It’s a very difficult situation for me.

I quit smoking ten years ago this February.

Yeah. She’s got a long way to go… and it’s been a long time.

She made me do that.

Oh yeah, I quit smoking 43 years ago, this Memorial Day.

Everyone smoked weed back then but we stayed away from the hard stuff.

Well, I might do it today; if not today, definitely tomorrow.

Between visiting the mountains and the seashore, I’d rather go to the mountains.

I used to say Paris, but lately my answer has been Nice.

No, they cancelled Sunday’s card. Never mind, we were able to play Santa Anita, Woodbine, and Hastings.

Well, I’m currently about a day behind, but gradually getting caught up.

No. As expected, he cancelled and wants to reschedule.

I’d say she deserves a private room after this long.

Oh, you wish I did!