Answers Only Thread

I did, and I will forward the tracking details to you.

No, I’ll be staying home today. Don’t have any reason to go out anyway.

Well, that’s where he said we were supposed to turn.

I actually did spend some time thinking about doing it. Maybe tomorrow I’ll actually get some of it done.

Yes, sir. Right this way, though the red door marked in big letters, “No admittance under any circumstances whatsoever.” Just go right on through.

I’m so happy you made these. They’re certainly different. But next time… uh… make something else.

I plan to take care of that sometime this week.

No, we haven’t heard from her since January.

He’s been dead for almost 26 years. Surely by now you should have taken him off your mailing list.

Maybe the initial blast, but the radiation will kill you a few days later.

I could, I suppose. What’s it worth to you, Professor?

When I’m damned good and ready!

They’re in the little canisters on the wall over the microwave. And they’re arranged alphabetically.

Took care of that today. Once the paperwork goes through, I should hear something next week.

No, I really can’t do it myself anymore, since my physical agility is at an all-time low.

I’ll tell you when I see you next… in Hell!

No, actually it needs to be a little higher on the right. Now on the left. Now on the right again. Ok, stand aside and let me fix it.

No, they let him out on parole already.

The food itself was excellent, but there was way too much added salt. They gave us a ton of white rice, which cut down the salt, but we really don’t eat white rice.

Not yet, but I plan on filling up tomorrow.