Answers Only Thread

No, my husband has another engagement, so I’m going solo.

Yes, in a chilled glass if you’ve got one, please.

Oh god, yes! No matter how much I scratch it, it just keeps itching. It’s driving me crazy!

Yes, I spoke with them. We’re all good now.

Yes, this way to see the Prime Minister, ma’am.

I put it in the closet for you, to keep the cat from getting to it. It’s still there, waiting for you.

I will gladly pay you Tuesday.

No, Wimpy, you are a total deadbeat and I have better things to do with my cash.

I really don’t know why you’re asking me about it. You know I don’t understand it any better than you do.

No, sir, I’m sorry, but I have no cheese in this shop at all. Not a bit. But if you come back first thing Monday…?

Yes, sir, we have plenty of cheese in this shop. We just don’t have any of THOSE cheeses.

Of course we have cheese from Israel. Here, for example, are some cheeses of Nazareth.

Yes, I did in fact almost hit a guy with a baseball bat one day because of his cheesy puns.

I once cracked myself in the face with a bat - ended up with a fractured sinus cavity.

Hey, I’m not the one who ordered his pizza with extra anchovies.

Yeah, I did okay at the track. I think I’m up five bucks.

I don’t know. I always forget whether its spelled I-E or E-I.

Yes, I think a .577 Tyrannosaur is too much gun for you

Yes, I kinda like them, and would love to hear his later works. Too bad he died so young.

The reason he doesn’t write like Earnest Hemingway is because he isn’t Earnest Hemingway.