Answers Only Thread

Sure, come on over, we’ve got more than we can eat ourselves.

That horse is outclassed. You’d do better to bet on the number five.

I don’t know what it was either. I hope nothing broke.

Maybe another time, guys. This time, I can’t afford it.

Yes, $20 on Kearsarge to win in the fourth, please.

No, we’re really not into that sort of thing. But thanks for thinking of us.

I thought about doing it today, but I think it’ll work out better if I do it on Monday.

Well, we’re way overdue for this. We haven’t had it done in… forever.

Way ahead of you on that one. I did it yesterday.

No, I’ll call her myself. I have to talk to her about something anyway.

I told her, yes, but I couldn’t tell you now if she agreed with me or even understood me.

Hell no!! And if you ever ask that question again I will END YOU!

Yeah, I think we can fit another two. C’mon aboard.

Well, I was counting on that, but now I’ll have to change all my plans.

No, I’ll just get my tab, thanks.

Items such as: pencils, pens, and clipboards. Honestly, nothing that would interest you in the least.