Answers Only Thread

Well, I don’t know. You’d maybe better get a doctor to look at that, huh?

Yeah, I know I have to get that done. And yeah, I’m procrastinating.

Yes, it is mani/pedi time for you, feline.

Ok, I promise to get it done today, no kidding.

You’ll need: a flyswatter, pint of white vinegar, a couple of sparkplugs, and a piece of aluminum foil cut into the shape of a star.

Don’t forget the margarine, the pink tinsel and the parachute!

I’ve always used Crisco, but if you prefer masking tape, go for it.

She did, and then she didn’t, and then she did again, if you know what I’m sayin’.

It hasn’t been done in at least 15 years, so no wonder we’re having problems.

Not a chance, there, Sparky.

I’ve been on hold for over an hour, listening to their awful hold music, and I’ve had it with them.

40 DD and all natural.

Yes, she called me twice, and I haven’t gotten back to her yet. I know there’s no issue at the moment, she just wants to chat.

Sustained. Move on, counsel.

Oh, let’s see…salt, pepper, garlic powder, smoked paprika. Nothing special or fancy that you couldn’t find in your own kitchen, I assure you.

Oh, I made a big pot of it. Then, as we ate some of it, I added more veggies for the next meal.

Yes, I really like chili but chili doesn’t like me.

That one. No… no, that one. No! Two to the left. Two. Jeez, are you blind, or deaf, or both?

Yes, you should go get tested.

He’s way out of his depth in that position.