Answers Only Thread

Right, a violin’s are GDA and E, and a viola’s are CGD and A.

Mr. Devlin assures me that she’s both reliable and trustworthy, but I wonder if perhaps he’s come to care for her a bit too much to be… objective.

I know, if his penmanship had been at least adequate, problems like this wouldn’t keep occurring.

Yep, I remembered. I put them in the fridge.

Well, we’re planning on trying a new (for us) Chinese restaurant that came highly recommended.

Just finishing up. I’ll be there in a minute.

No, we’re not going anywhere this year, just enjoying ourselves at home.

Yes, thank you, Killick, a little toasted cheese would be most welcome after we’ve played awhile.

The pain starts at the underside of my upper arm, and continues down the arm until it intensifies in my ring finger.

The vet said she’s fine for her age, but to remember that she’s quite old.

Yes, today’s the day! Cake for everyone!

I don’t know who he is, but he’s definitely not an FBI agent, and I want him in a cell right now while I do some more digging.

Well, today’s the third day of their “one-day” job, and they haven’t even shown up yet.

Yes, I heard you. But would you rephrase that?

I hope it won’t get ruined by all the rain that’s coming.

In about an hour.

Yes, and it looks great! I just hope it stays that way.

He might be there tomorrow, but don’t count on it.

No, I don’t think you’ll make it in time if you don’t take the short cut.

I haven’t made my selections yet. I want to see the morning line first.