Answers Only Thread

I really haven’t given it any thought. Get back to me tomorrow.

Yeah, he keeps getting tattoos, but I don’t think that’s really going to help him remember.

I can’t wait until fucking January to see you. I’m not gonna sit here bleeding for three months, while my leg rots off. :grimacing:

It happened Saturday night.

Why would he say that? Why would ANYONE say that?

Well, he still hasn’t come back to clean up his mess.

Well, it could be the last time she ever sees her dad. I just wish she’d given him a hug or something.

No, Monday wasn’t an official city holiday, so the trash is being collected today, as usual.

That young British guy is well-dressed, true, but I’m not sure he’s actually on my side.

There are things I need to do today, before tomorrow’s thunderstorms.

forty two


Well… actually, no.

She certainly looks better than she did at the last reunion.

I’ll get to that after I finish here. Should be about an hour.

I know it’s really cheap looking, but it’ll do until the better one arrives.