Answers Only Thread



It’s in the fridge.

Well… obviously.

I was certain it was in my wallet, but I must have left it at home.

I really don’t know how you can ask a thing like that, after all we’ve been through.

I haven’t seen that thing since I don’t know when. It must be…wait, here it is.

I left them outside the door, to be picked up. I guess if they’re still there, nobody came.

I didn’t know it belonged to you, otherwise I wouldn’t have taken it. Here, you can have it back if it’s so damned important to you!

C’mon, you know better than that.

I think I picked it up at the doctor’s office; you can catch anything in a place like that.

The name was Bell, Book and Candle.

I was certain that we were supposed to meet at 7:30, but nobody was there at that time, so I came back home.

In the bathroom with the bishop.

Tattooed on the back o’ the neck!

Yes, it’s in Chapter VII of Part II, beginning on page 567.

I did that yesterday, dammit!