Anti Joshua Jackson thread

Pacey the Putz…
He’s a joke of an actor…Dawson’s Creek people want me to accept the fact that
that he is a player,cassanova,Don Juan and that he’s gone where no man has
gone before, Barf,Hurl,Flem…

The guy sucks!

My wife made me go see,“The Skulls”. I’d rather sit through “Beaches”
The neighbor says he’s “Hot”

I just don’t get it! unless of coarse he’s related to someone…

Hey, he’s just as good as anybody else on Dawson’s Creek!

Now, wait a minute…:smack:

He was actually pretty funny in “Lone Star State of Mind”, although Ryan Hurst stole the show as the incompetent redneck wanna-be criminal.

Now, now. The purpose of Dawson’s Creek was to display eye candy. Those people weren’t exactly there for their acting talents, or to showcase great writing.

By even those standards, Joshua Jackson falls behind. Nobody could hold a candle to Michael Pitt, and even if we’re sticking to regular characters, Kerr Smith still has him beat.

On the other hand, he was amusing as the mincing, manipulative gay teen in Cruel Intentions with his line about the closeted football player ‘with a mouth like a hoover.’

Isn’t this thread like 3-4 years too late?