Any Clevelanders wanna come to my art opening(s)?

Three of my paintings were juried into the student art show: The Galleries at CSU | Cleveland State University
The opening reception is this Friday from 5-8pm in the CSU art gallery (2307 Chester Ave.)

Then there is a sculpture gallery opening reception from 8-10pm the same night which will have one of my sculptures in it: 1009 Gallery (Former Raw & Co.) at 1009 Kenilworth in Tremont. It’s also part of the Tremont Art Walk on Friday April 11 from 6-10pm if you can’t make it to the reception but want to see the exhibition.

Anyway, Friday night will be a busy one for me, to say the least! If anyone local can make it that would be really cool. I will be wearing my fancy new jacket. :cool:

Too far for me but… Congratulations!

Pshaw… Connecticut? If you started driving now you could stop for the night somewhere and make the rest of the drive easily in time :wink:

I’m also too far away, but congratulations! But why did I think you were living down south somewhere? Huh.

While I appreciate the invite I have a previous commitment. Congratulations and good luck!

Ditto Zamboniracer, but it’s possible I might get to Tremont. How long will you be wearing that jacket?

Wow, you’re right! What was I thinking!? Gotta go… :slight_smile:

Reasons I can’t make it:
[li]It’s too far to come.[/li][li]We’ve got plans[/li][li]Hi Opal![/li][/ol]
Actually, I’m up there now and then and would love to come see it. Sorry I can’t, but it’s way cool that your stuff will be shown there.

I did live in Atlanta for 2 1/2 years :slight_smile: I’m in Ohio now.

Shows how much in the know I am about Doper social details.

Clearly we need to have more pop quizzes around here.

I am also too far away but that is very cool - hope the show and your art are very well received! I love what I’ve seen over the years when you post links…

Oh, shoot…I didn’t read this thread until 11:45 on Friday night…and I could have been there! Darn. I’ll have to catch it during the Art Walk, then…

Let me know! I will be there! We had a blast at the opening. There was barely standing room.