Any Designer Who'd Pay $3/4 Million For A Bale of Wool Deserved To Get Fleeced

Dateline: SYDNEY 3/3/04 (Reuters)

I’m no Versace – (Which I guess is a good thing cuz he’s dead and she’s a spoiled botox addict) – But how could anyone consider a million Aussie $ for a bale of wool a reasonable price?

I’m working on the assumption a bale of wool is close in quantity to a bale of cotton – which means we’re talking about approximately 500 pounds or 225 kilograms. If that’s the case, what we have here is some damn pricey wool:

$1,500 / Lb US, or
$4,450 / Kg Australian

Damn! I got a few sweaters that have gotta weigh 2# each – I couldn’t imagine the retail price of any garment that has $3,000 worth of raw material put into it. Though I’d consider any fashion designer who’d even consider paying such a high price for something that grows abundantly on a sheep a little loony, the real fool has got to be the end user who will have to cart in a wheelbarrow full of gold bricks just to buy their winter wardrobe.

This super fine wool is allegedly so valuable it’s under armed guard. I guess Sam the Sheepdog couldn’t be trusted to watch over such a luxurious commodity.

Bim & Richard Goodrich, the 2 Aussie farmers that produced the wool – (I don’t know, I tend to give more credit to the sheep themselves) - house their prized flock in lavish digs they call the Wooldorf Astoria.

The pun possibilities here are limitless.

The last stupidly expensive wool sold in Australia went to a tailor in Japan who made hundreds of suits from it that sold for tens of thousands of dollars, so he made far more than the farmer who grew the fleece.

Whats that old saying? Something like, “Fools know the cost of everything and the value of nothing” ?

dare I say it?

Anyone that pays this sort of dough deserves to get fleeced.

$1 million? Baargain.

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