Any fans of 'The Zeta Project'?

I’ve recently got hooked on this Saturday morning cartoon. It’s actually one of the best science fiction programs on TV today, it’s depiction of the near-future seems more realistic than any other program I can think of, while still far-out enough to be entertaining. I’ve also been paying attention to the level of detail, in a scene in a high-speed train station there is a voice announcing arriving and departing trains, and I noticed that the stops on the trains were very far apart. This makes sense with a train that travels hundreds of miles an hour, but what impressed me was that somebody thought of that and saw that it was included in the BACKGROUND NOISE. The future architecture seems realistic and functional (I believe the series is set in 2040) and just when I was beginning to think that maybe everything was too futuristic and new, there was an episode where they are in a smaller town and most of the buildings looked like they were build in the middle of the 20th century, but had futuristic appliances, landing pads, and other details added on.

Oh yeah, Ro is cute too. All around good show.

Badtz, There’s no need for the paragraph of rationalization to precede…

we won’t think less of you.

Well, yeah. This is one of the shows on my ever shortening SatAM list programs to watch. It seems to have an interesting premise, and it’s good that it soft-sells us the future instead of going for all the gee-whiz absurdities that could turn it into an unintended Tex Avery homage (“House of Tomorrow” and like cartoons).

Yeah, I like it. I was initially interested in it cause it was a Batman Beyond spin off and I looooove BB. It is much tamer than BB, but still pretty good. I like that they placed the government as the bad guys, just don’t get enough of that in cartoons.

Ro? Com’mon, Zeta is a bit of a hottie too, 'sept for that damn purple trench coat. If you like synthoids, that is. . .

I like it. I didn’t know it was a Batman Beyond spin off though. More info? I missed this weeks episode, see my Do Over thread for why.

Zeta was origionally a character in a Batman Beyond episode (I can’t remember the name of the episode). He kidnapped Max and assumed her identity so he could use the school’s computer. While Max was being held hostage she learned that Zeta didn’t want to be an assassin. When Batman barged in to save Max she convinced him to let Zeta get away from the guys chasing him (Bannen?).

When Zeta appeared on his own show, he was given a more friendly and expressive face and a spunky side kick.

I can’t for the life of me remember what Saturday’s episode was about, but it was a new one. Sorry you had a sucky day, stuffinb (I read the thread.) No matter how much you can entertain yourself in the bedroom, you gotta admit, nothing’s quite as good as watching Saturday mornin cartoons in bed. Ahhhhh.