Any good cross platform games?

Well it’s Christmas time and we have a blended family with multiple households…yadda, yadda. One of us has gotten a Wii U, another an Xbox One and of course the third, a PS4.

Previously we all had Wiis and that worked out great…this time, everyone wants their own system for a specific game or reason. I’m was game to switch, but I have been over-ruled and so the Xbox stays.

So my question is, are there any games or a way that at least two of the systems can play the same game together online or something?

There’s a few PC and playstation and PC and xbox 360 cross platform games, but I’ve never heard of a PS4/PS3/Xbone/Xbox 360 cross platform game. Throw a Wiiu into the mix, and you can pretty much forget it.

Yeah, I tried looking online, but didn’t find anything; hoped maybe one of you guys would know of something.

Follow up question, which game would you purchase for both the Xbox One and PS4?

You mean if hypothetically someone beat me up and took my PC from me? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In terms of exclusives, with the PS4 you definitely want to pick up… hmm… maybe the Last of Us remastered if you haven’t played it. For the Xbone, maybe Titanfall if you’re into shooters or Sunset Overdrive.

In terms of multiplats, I’d almost always get the PS4 version over the Xbone. But I would recommend Dragon Age inquisition if you like RPG’s, GTA V if you haven’t already played it, Wolfenstein if you like shooters with some story, Transistor if you like indies with some personality, and amazing music, and Diablo 3 - which I believe plays best on PC, but it’s not half bad on consoles. I hear good things about far Cry 4 and I don’t think it has issues on consoles like AC Unity does.

Oooh, Watch dogs was great too.

Yeah, PSN does not talk to XBL, which does not talk to the Nintendo Network.

Sometimes one or the other of them will talk to PCs. Sometimes. And USUALLY the same game on PS3 and PS4 will talk to one another. And that’s about it.

Cross platform is thoroughly the exception.

XBox Live was supposed to be able to talk to Games for Windows Live, but we all know how the latter turned out.

This actually DID work, for the one game I ever had on GFWL that had multiplayer.