Any other claustrophiles out there?

I just love enclosed spaces–dank tunnels like those under the cliffs of Dover, tiny offices, caves, blanket forts, you name it. Of course, they have to be comfortable, but once that’s achieved, I prefer them to larger rooms. This extends even to crowds. I love being in a full lecture hall or a packed dance floor, with people all around. Most often, though, I find a small space by sleeping with my head under the covers.

Am I alone in this?

Me too!

As a kid, my favorite spot was on the floor between the heating and the couch… An eight-year-old barely fitted there. It was just so warm and snug and overseeable and…well…mine, I guess.

Right now I have my desk tucked under some beams near the walls. I could have set my desk in the middle of the room, but somehow it wouldn’t feel right.

Do you prefer restaurants with space dividers to restaurants without them, as well?

Signed, Maastricht, who has also been a cave-tour guide.

Interestingly enough I am a claustrophile and claustrophobic. In class rooms I’ve noticed that I instinctively seek out a seat next to the wall or even better in a corner. I like having things around me and don’t like open space. On the other hand something like crawling in a small tunnel gives me the heebeejeebies.

I just had an MRI the other day. I loved it! Earplugs, snug space, no expectations of phones or pagers to answer or problems to sort out! Very relaxing.

I was sad that it only took 20 minutes or so.

Yes, and first-class train cars with the individual rooms for each group of people. It’s just so neat. Booths in general are fun. Too bad few of the phone booths in my town have doors any more.

I love small spaces also - My absolute favorite apartment ever [other than the screaming yellow shag carpeting :eek: ] was a studio. The whole place was about 5 meters by 5 meters / 16 feetx16 feet. The main luxuries to it were the atching sized bathroom and walk in closet that sort of made an entry hallway at the front door. It faced a hill covered with trees so I never got direct light into the place, and it was quiet, and dim, and cavelike [in a good way] sort of a womb with a view=)

I am mostly perfectly happy staying in the bedroom in our house, I have a tv with cable, my computer, and a melita 1:1 pod brewer all in a 3 meter x 4 meter / 9 feetx12 feet room. I can crank my music and play WoW, or chat online with my friends from all over, and since my house is fairly small anyway, it is easy enough to keep an eye on dinner cooking. The only thing that would make life perfect would be a telecommuting job [i want pretty much any computer CS job outside the home, but telecommuting would make life perfect]

mrAru is also comfy in small spaces, he was stationed on submarines most of his 20 year navy career=)

Not me, but I remember reading in Isaac Asimov’s autobiography that he was happiest in small, enclosed spaces. That’s cool, right?

Me as well. One of these days I’m going to build myself an underground house with low ceilings and no windows.

I like small spaces, too. Low ceilings, not so much.

My computer room is 12’ x 18’ with a sloping ceiling that’s 7’ at the lowest point. I spend most of my time in here.

Oh yes, very much so. I used to sleep with a whole pillow over my head before there was an infant sleeping with me. I also used to want to ride in the trunk of cars, and was able to talk people into letting me a few times.

I find this comes into play in, ah, intimate matters as well.

However, there’s only a few circumstances in which I like a small place full of people, and some of them will never eXist again due to various factors.

When I was younger and much smaller, I used to hide in DRAWERS during hide and seek. It was nice and dark and cozy. I also did MRIs for pay a couple years ago and enjoyed them. Entertaining and easy money, couldn’t see why everyone didn’t do them.

I find I don’t like really small rooms/apartments, though - I like to be in small spaces that are surrounded by much larger ones, where I can see out and the outer space is “my” space, too.

One of my favorite places is under the covers so count me in.

We have a wonderful canopy bed that I find very soothing and cozy.

The only requirement for me is a window somewhere. I hate rooms without windows.

Wonder if there’s any connection with the pressure therapies for autistic kids. Hug boxes and quiet quilts are two products I’ve heard about, the extra pressure is somehow calming.

I’m entirely happy in my office with the door shut.

It’s a converted walk-in closet, 6’ by 5.5’ and just holds me, yarn, sewing machine, 2 computers, and a basket for whichever cat wants to come in (although it’s generally both and then I have to make lap space).

I have a five room apartment. I mostly live in the half of the largest room where I have my comic books, CDS and TV. I eat there and sleep on the floor mat in the alcove there.

The rest of the place just holds my books, food & clothes.

It’s nice to hear that there are others like me. All the reaction I get when I tell people around here is “what?! That would scare me to death!” Maybe it has something to do with living in the prairies.

I love small, enclosed spaces too. Our house has a “great room” with a studio ceiling, and I don’t like it that much. We’re trying all sorts of things to make the ceiling look lower. Next up is a nice dark paint color.


I always thought I was a weird one as a kid when I’d crawl in my closet or something and just feel very peaceful. Wow. :smiley:

Depending on the size of the room, hanging sheets across it can be really neat. My Dad did that to cover up some exposed support beams in my step-brother’s room, and I love the lowering effect.

They were suspended from their edges and corners so they “bulged” down by gravity, if that makes sense.

Helium balloons. Lots and lots of dark-colored helium ballons. It’d be cool to watch them move around in the airflow and then slowly descend as they leak out the helium.