any other games like Planetbase?

Steam has a game called Planetbase. It’s a nice, slow-paced, strategy game. You start on a distant planet with a limited number of resources, robot, and civilians. The goal is to grow the base into a sustainable outpost here. You need to manage resource intake, processing, oxygen, power, and water. It’s a very straightforward game with not much to get in your way expect planet nature (storms, meteorites), intruders, and starvation (a result of poor base management).

I liked it because of its simplicity. There wasn’t much to the game and it can be played slowly or quickly, depending how fast you play to expand. Does anyone know of any other similar games that would be like this one?

Of course i’m familiar with other strategies like the city builders out there, but this was more of a survival. Took me several tries to eventually reach all the achievements and every attempt was different depending on the planet. Haven’t seen many games like this one, wondering if anyone else has?

I’m interested to find out as well. I really like Planetbase.

Check out RimWorld.