Any other MYSPACE addicts out there?

I love MYSPACE, completely addicting even more so than the "DOPE ".

How many MYSPACE dopers out there?

Neh. I hate MySpace. The 'Dope is far superior, IMO.

There are a few of us (me included). We have a group on myspace that doesn’t seem to do anything ever. But dammit it’s there!

Right here. :slight_smile:

I am on there (same as my Doper name), but I basically use it to debate with the FTGSA (Fuck The Gay Straight Alliance). I used to be hardcore, when I was bored over the summer, but it really isn’t all that intriguing to me anymore.

Yep, we’ve got the Straight Dope group, but as someone said, it doesn’t do much mainly because we’re here talking already.

Eh, I have one, but I never use it. So the fact that I have more friends than some people who actually do use it regularly kinda amuses me.

Anyway, I much prefer LiveJournal.

I’m Spootie. A brother’s boss was engaged to a Jamacian (sp?) dude, and he sent a letter once with “Spootie White” as the sender’s name. We laughed.

This is me. I’m not very active, pretty much joined to keep an eye on my kids.

SDMB Group, and me.

Bah! Not once, but TWICE, some shithead (actually, two shitheads) signed up to MySpace using my email address. I got 70 bajillion emails and had to take the time to get the site taken down, etc.

Right here, but of course.

As I’ve said previously, it’s a fun way to keep in touch with friends from high school.

I’m just a little skeeved about because, lately, I’ve been getting non-stop messages from 40 year old men who are asking if I want a slave : shiver :

Here’s a link to mine. I check it almost every day. I’ve met some cool people on it (including the girl I’m currently seeing), and have run into a few old friends with it, too.

Here’s mine. I use it to keep in touch with friends from the military mostly. Good way to keep in contact when we’re all over the country/world.

I like it. I don’t understand how someone can get addicted to it though.

Then again I don’t use the boards. I use it to find bands I might like and to comunicate with friends and acquaintances.

My page

Myspace is the Internet’s short bus.

I have an account, but I’m not really a user. I pretty much just log in and add people who have added me whenever I get a notice in my email.

Looking around at others’ profiles can be kind of fun when I’m bored, but then they all put that stupid annoying music player on them which takes too long to load and plays crap anyway and messes with my current desired music which I’m already listening to on purpose.

I get added by crappy bands I’d never listen to in a million years (I just don’t add them back), and in one case, I got added by a book. WT flying F.

I’m shy, so I’m really awkward about answering messages, and I never write messages to people unprovoked.

Also, I can usually look at the site for about 15 minutes before it has one of its many slow fits and stops loading photos.

All in all, it’s an experience on the lower side of “meh” for me.

I had one for about a month, then I deleted it.

I’ve been on myspace for a while, and I have quite a bit of real life friends who are on too.

It is cheezy, and all the silly surveys people fill their blogs with and send as bulletins drive me mad - but in general it is an interesting community.

Here I am.
I like it because people can send me messages without giving them my email address. These are friends of friends that seem to develop crushes on me and feel the need to tell me their little (read inane) secrets. I can also find out where my favorite bands are and who’s hanging out where…

I LOVE it because you can list your schools and it is a bit like a setup, but for free. I’ve connected with a few people from my elementary school! That was neat.

I did change my main picture to my dog though as there were a few local boys who were looking for a date…other than that, no problems.