Any San Franciscan Dopers/Samaritans out there?

#2 of 3 of the PT clan is the adventurous one.
As previously posted, she’s done a couple of stints in Spain and so is the only known member of my family who can speak a second language.

She also has a keen interest in acrobatics and so she’s on her way to San Francisco now for a few weeks in circus school. (yep, I’m a real model parent evidenced by a daughter ran away to join the circus). :smack:

Everything is organised. For accommodation she’s in a hostel and Air with a couple of other international students. All travel docs and insurance is covered. The school does keep a reasonable eye on their overseas pupils but . She’s been in residential college for two years now so can fend for herself in normal circumstances. Should be a real hoot.

But would there be somebody out there in Doper World who might be available as a local Plan C or D were something to happen to go pear shaped?

If there was, could you PM me and we’ll see if we can establish contact.
The school is in the Haight-Ashbury district.

Kind regards,