Anybody else miss "Too Late with Adam Carolla"?

A bunch of random thoughs on Too Late. Discuss.

Slippery Slope Guy

At first there was a studio audience. Then no studio audience. Guests were puzzled.

Steve-O destroying a glass coffee table.

The monobrow

Adam Explains to 1780’s Guy

The exquiste awkwardness of the John Stamos interview.

Now all I have is the Man Show reruns on G4.

Wonder what sort of budget that show was running on?

Wonder if they’ll do a DVD?

I’m a big Adam Carolla fan, and I didn’t care for “Too Late” at all.

If you’re dying for a fix of the Ace-Man, I’d recommend “The Adam Carolla Project” on TLC. It’s my new obsession.

Seems like Adam Carolla had enough to do without taking up another half hour of TV time.

I thought the show was awful (after seeing it twice). I don’t remember much of the first one I saw, except that it was deathly boring and unfunny.

The second he interviewed John Glen, and it must have been one of the worst most painful late-night interviews I’ve ever seen.

Maybe the guy’s funny, but I didn’t see it.

I like Adam Carolla. I didn’t care too much for the show. He’s way funnier on Loveline.

I saw about ten minutes of the first or second show. Do I miss it? It’s not worth shooting at, so no. He’s one of those obnoxious-is-funny guys, and he doesn’t even do that very well.

I guess I think he’s funny because he’s one of those “say anything” dudes. Sort of like Howard Stern, but less obnoxious.

Anyway the show was like a slow train wreck, but I thought it was sort of fascinating because of that.

The show’s been cancelled? I can’t find any indication of this online.

Well, come to think of it I’m just ASS-U-MING it was. It’s certainly not been coming on.

I know Adam already has Loveline, that home improvement show, and is taking over for Howard Stern on the West coast. I figured once he started the radio show that would take up his time.

Adam’s no longer on Loveline, in preparation for his morning-radio gig at the beginning of the year.

It’s unfortunate, too, because the show flounders without him.

What I’ve read online is that the show filmed 50 episodes, which was its first “season” (though it’s odd to have a season for a talk show) and now it’s on hiatus. It hasn’t been officially canceled, but it’s up in the air as to whether it will be back in 2006.

I had the show on my tivo’s season pass for awhile, but eventually I removed it. The opening bits with Adam were funny sometimes, but the interviews were pretty much always terrible, IMO (unless Adam and the guest did a bit, as some of those did work). Adam can be funny, I think, but he’s not a good interviewer.

The home improvement show on TLC is much better.

I liked the Man Show, but Too late doesn’t done much for me. I think it’s because it was a team effort and without Jimmy Kimmel, it’s just not nearly as funny.

didn’t like “too late w/ adam corolla”. Thought the humor was extremely bland. I miss him on Loveline though. Really sad to see him leave, as it isnt the same w/o him.

I’ve gone on record as being a huge Ace fan, so if this is not coming back I’ll miss it. The big news is that he’s off Loveline. This is a national tragedy. I hadn’t heard that until just reading this, they dropped the radio show in Chicago and that was a blow. Now, it may never be back. Makes me sad, I’ve been listening to Loveline regularly since the Riki Rachtman days and I’ve thouroughly enjoyed every minute of the Ace Rockola era.

As for Too Late, I agree that the interview segments left alot to be desired. And that Jon Glenn interview was beyond awful. And I never quite understood that no audience thing. Stil, as the OP stated some of the gimmicks were simply great.

I loved “Adam Explains To 1780s Guy”, “Slippery Slope Guy”, “This Week in Cable” and the “Can Ray Break This” bit was probably one of the funniest things I’ve seen on TV in a long time. I think if they could have found a way to build the show without having to have guests and callers, it’d have been golden. Some of the guests were OK, especially when he had his Hollywood friends on there and some of the comics, but anytime they diverged into any publicist driven appearance it was a total dog.

For now it appears that the extent of my Adam Carolla fixes will be The Adam Carolla Project and occasional Jimmy Kimmel guest appearances. Odds are I won’t have access to the new west coast radio show where I’m at. Chicago radio sucks donkey colon.

I wonder if things would work out if you had Adam on the Kimmel show every night playing the Ed McMahon role. I’d certainly watch more, but I suppose Adam wants to be a bit bigger than a career sidekick.