Anybody going to watch "Growing up Gotti"?

I thought they couldn’t top that Anna Nicole Smith tripe, but I was wrong. This upcoming series looks like a doozy. Anyone wanting to see how a loud-mouthed, obnoxious mafia family behaves at home should tune in; I wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole.

So, is anyone besides me going to catch it?

I’ll probably watch a bit of the first episode because I’m a masochist, but I’m predicting that I’ll get disgusted no more than halfway through. Blech.

Hell, yes, I’m going to watch it! I’ve got my TiVo Season Pass set up and I’m ready to be horrified! :smiley:

Frankly, they all have serious behavioral issues, and I have seen trailer trash behaving better.

After seeing the commercials flogging it, my first reaction to that 17 year old guy kicking the door trying to get in [or whatever] my first reaction was that he needed a good Singapor style caning as did his parents for not disciplining him and raising him properly.

I am stunned that they are doing a show like this. I know I must sound hopelessly naive when I say that.

Gotti was the vilest scum. These people are living in a mansion paid for with blood money.

Now, you can say that we shouldn’t judge his daughter (it’s his daughter right?) for his sins, and you would be right. But the entire premise of this show is that this family is related to John Gotti.