Anyone disturbed by the new snickers commercials?

Something about these commercials really creeps me out. Not sure if its the guy playing guitar or the blackguy with the serious face taking a bite out of his candy bar.

I am not disturbed by that one as much as the Sprite one which is all jump cutted and distorted with a woman tending to some guy who is all bandaged up who eventually takes a drink of a drop of Sprite with a small mouth that appears on his eye. That one is a bad dream.

I haven’t seen the snickers commercial.
The Sprite commercial, on the other hand- I think it would be great if they worked in the song “Why Do Fools Fall in Love”.

The scariest commercial on TV, hands down, is one for (I think) Lamisil toe fungus killer. It has a…thing…a fungus character…lifting a toe nail and climing inside someone’s foot. I can’t watch that commercial, and my husband has changed the channel just to avoid it. It’s so disturbing! NOT going to make me buy that product, if I ever have such a medical issue!

Yeah, the deadpan guy singing the praises of the Snickers bar to an apparent stranger is uncommonly strange. I think I’ll go get a Snickers and hope some stranger sings to me. :rolleyes:

Equally creepy is the Milky Way spot. A freshly snubbed man tears open a Milky Way wrapper, and a tiny, cute woman pops out of the wrapper to flirt with him. Then he bites her head off! :eek:

The new Sprite commercials are only helping me to stay away from sprite… They are essentially telling me “Drink Sprite, have Psychotic Episodes”… and also they are telling me to obey… not a good idea.

Snickers… I find them kindof funny at times… but the singer is downright annoying.

I think it’s the Starburst (?) ad that bothers me the most. A pack of Starbursts fall into a barrel of acid. The guy goes after it not once, but twice, losing both arms.
To me, this says the average person who eats Starburst is stupid.

Don’t watch the movie Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, because that has fingernail ripping. It’s in an autopsy scene, but still. :eek:

Digger the Dermatophyte is truly repulsive.

About this Snickers commercial: I haven’t seen it. Can you describe it more? Guitars and people biting candy bars, while not two things I’d automatically associate, aren’t obviously disturbing together.

It disturbs me, but in the same way watching a mosquito bite me disturbs me. Tolerable. However, my wife just about throws up when it’s on.

Haven’t seen the Snickers ad yet, but if ever open my shades and see a plastic, smiling freakshow, and I have a Snickers bar handy, you’re gonna think twice when ordering a Whopper.

Whopper does creep me out. That burger king is just disturbing.

Also, the Hersy Kissables freaks me out. When the clown eats that candy, and it bursts out of his skull, I wanna faint.