Anyone else having trouble loading the 3FMB?

Just got on today and can’t bring up OpalCat board.

Is it just me?


A few days ago there was a problem with the DNS entries (Opal can explain it further if she chooses) but with these problems some internet service providers needed to update their routing tables.

I was only down for a day (Earthlink).

You may try clearing out your cookies to see if that helps any.

Like I said, it may be the issue with your ISP though, be patient you will get the FFF back soon!

Thanks, techchick.
I caught the nameless poster’s thread at the front desk but I hadn’t had the problem then.

It just loaded nicely.

Once again, I can’t get to the 3FMB.
Anyone know what is happening over there?


I can’t get there either, 2sense, and I’ve tried a few different times today - early a.m. (7am, and again at 8:30am) and again, just now.

I have no idea what the problem is. Anyone else?

Downstate Illinois checking in here–3F not “among those present”, either.

It doesn’t have to be just OpalCat–it could be her ISP or something. The Internet Traffic Report doesn’t show anything horrible going on.

My mother once lost her Internet connection. Her ISP kept telling her, “There’s nothing wrong at OUR end, it must be at your end.” A week later they finally found out that it was because a local drunk had taken a shotgun to the telephone pole down on the corner.

It’s a small town.

I can’t get to Fathom either and if I’m not mistaken, Opal is in Florida this weekend. :frowning:

I lurk at FFF, and I can’t get it to load, either. :frowning: I’ve tried several times today.

I guess I can survive without Fathom for a weekend… er… I hope.

:: gulp ::

Just my 2sense
WHAT!!! i’m not good enough for you…is what you’re saying…i’ll have you know i’m prime random icq chat material - concrete

If it’s not up in the morning, I’ll have to do my Early Bird thread over here! :wink:

Ummm, RTF, it’s up and running again, at least about a 1/2 hour I posted to my forum.

Thanks, techie! :slight_smile:

No Problemo, RTF. Dat’s my job. :slight_smile: