Anyone else just getting sick and tired of Trump

His rantings and ravings and his vengeful attitude to hurt others and (to me) placing all that and himself over the job he was Fn elected for. It’s like babysitting a 2 year old that will never ever grow up.

No, this is the first I have heard of it.

Of course I have been living in a filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying “beware of the leopard” for the last 2 years.

Who is Trump?

The host of the Apprentice? What’s he done now?

Well, if everyone would just let him have his way, and become King of the World, then he wouldn’t have to whine and cry so much.

Yes, I’m tired of him. I’ve disliked him since I first heard of him back in the 1980s. I wish he had never even run for POTUS. I am also tired of the constant screeching outrage his every action generates. I am completely Trumped out.

This is all part of his plan, don’t worry. He’s working a serious strategy behind the scenes, that simple folk like us can’t possibly understand. And I mean, look at how many people attend his rallies! America loves him! True Americans at least … Aren’t you a true American?

I was sick and tired of Trump in the early 90s, maybe even late 80s. I really, really, really have no idea what’s taking other people so long.

The mentality of this individual displayed in the articles in Spy Magazine told you everything you needed to know.

The OP seems purposed as a rant. As such, off to the Pit (from IMHO).

Never heard of him.

If it’s taken you this long, I have nothing else to say to you.

Sick and tired doesn’t even begin to explain how i feel.

You have to realize that kanicbird comes from a distant planet only vaguely similar to our own.

is it in the same quadrant as planet Analwart from which you hail?

Anyone else just getting sick and tired of Trump

No, it’s just you. What a freakin’ snowflake!!

About half the Pit threads are Trump related, so I’d say yeah.

Can’t find anything online but the editor-in-chief of a predominately black newspaper, which endorsed Trump two years ago, ran an editorial on Friday in which he announced that he’s turning his back on the Republican party after 30-odd years.

The more people the iDJiT drives away from his version of the party, the better.

I came in here to say just that. How anyone ever saw him as anything other than the insecure kook that he is is beyond me.

Plenty of voters thought that he couldn’t possibly be as bad as people were saying, the editor-in-chief mentioned above was one of them.

Speaking for myself, I would say my initial assessment of Trump was wrong in one crucial aspect.

My opinion of him as a person has not changed. I despised and loathed him from when he first ran and I despise and loath him now. (I had a very dim view of him even before he ran, but I didn’t pay much attention to him at that time, so I was unaware at that time of the full extent of his inadequacies. I knew he was an obnoxious and ignorant loudmouth, but that’s about it.)

However my initial thinking was that he wasn’t really interested in running the government and just wanted to be president for his ego. So I figured if/when he got elected he would allow professionals to run things and limit himself to making speeches in which he took credit for their accomplishments. (Not that I was willing to lower myself to the point of actually voting for him, but that was my assumption, anyway.) This has happened to a limited extent, but not nearly enough.

Also, I assumed - for some reason - that he would lay off twitter and in general try to appear more presidential once in office. Wrong about that too.

To a limited extent, I think the above has been the result of the continuing harsh attacks on him, which bring out his worst impulses (and frankly his best impulses are bad enough). But that’s something that might have been expected, in politics.