Anyone else see the eclipse today?

Hey! Didja know there was an eclipse today? I didn’t even hear of it except for one fellah walking past me telling another guy about it.

So, naturally on hearing “eclipse”, I look up: “Holy sh*t, that’s bright!!” :smack:

But yea verily, temporarily burned into my retina, was the image of the sun with a big ol’ chunk missing. It looked about 20% obscured, but darned cool!

So, I just had to look again. This time, I was smart enough to put on my sunglasses, hold up a hand, and take a quick glance. Sure enough, dragons were eating the sun! :cool:

Welder’s mask, check. Sunscreen, check. Common sense . . . uh oh.

You went to Egypt for the eclipse! How cool! :wink:

Aw, nuts.