Anyone else tried the new Take 5 candy bar?


Caramel, peanuts, peanut butter, milk chocolate…and…


Good stuff!

Perfection in the combination candy bar has been achieved.

It all works very well. Mmmmmmmm…

My local Jewel store was selling them for a quarter apiece a week ago or so, and I couldn’t resist the price. When I saw “pretzel” on the label, I thought it would suck, but actually, this was VERY tasty!

Also, it was interesting that it came in two pieces, perhaps giving the illusion that there was more to eat there than a standard bar.


Two pieces are so you can share this piece of confectionary heaven.

Share? SHARE?!?! When you pry the secoond one from my cold, dead hand!

Just the right amount of salty in a rich chocolatey coating… nummers.

Hmph…you’re probably just the type of selfish bastard who refuses to roll a Rollo to his pal, too. :mad:


Say, what? Chocolate and peanut butter, together? Ewww!

Yep, it is awesome. They lasted all of about a day in our company vending machine. Just checked the machine again and it’s been refilled, but Take 5s are in every other slot. Bastards. Had to buy a Kit Kat to get to the Take 5.


Dammit! Why’d you have to tell me about this??? I’ve been avoiding chocolate to improve my complexion. Now this has to come along. I’ve known about choc and pretzels for a long time and I’ve always loved choc and pb. Must … resist … temptation!

My Mam just sent me over a box of Roses and a tin of Quality Street…HMMMM

All American choclate is crap! There. I said it. Crap!

Take Five’s aren’t bad though.

Haven’t had one, but the combination makes me think of Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby.


And here I thought this thread was going to be full of people who hated it.

I’ve tried a couple and I must say I really like them.

I don’t know that I would choose one over my usual Baby Ruth or Payday, but my SO grabbed five at the intro price of 5/$2 and they were pretty good.